Womb Wisdom Retreat

The Womb Wisdom Retreat is a deeply healing intensive of several days, combining Tantra for Women and Shamanism, to heal ourselves, each other and the collective female energy.

The Womb
The womb houses the greatest power a woman possesses, the power to create on all levels. As women, we are aware of our power to give birth to human beings, but this power can be tapped in to giving birth to projects, personal healing, spiritually and healthy relationships.
The Womb Wisdom retreat supports you to open to your womb’s energetic pathways, clear your past, release toxic emotions, activate your sacred sensual self, bring balance into your relationships and harness your creative potential. It is a gift of reawakening.

Womb Wisdom Retreat
This retreat brings you hidden (but not secret) ancient healing ways that every woman should know, that (re)activate the deep yet often forgotten Feminine Power within you and restore your connection to your own healing force, awakening your natural healing powers.

We do not become healers. We came as healers. We are. Some of us are still catching up to what we are. (…) We do not learn to love in this sense. We came as Love. We are Love.
– Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes

We will dive deep into our natural Womb Wisdom, wash away our believes of weakness, owning back our sacred and natural connection to the Creative Forces of Existence and finally manifest it!

This is all about being present, feeling what is stuck in our bodies and taking full responsibility of our lives – past the stories we created during our lives. It is about listening deeper to the ancient, creative messages that are hidden deep within the cyclical powers of our wombs and feminine souls and connect with our unique pure selves.

One of the main themes in this retreat will be femininity and your relation towards/with it. What does it mean for you now, and how did your background shape your underlying beliefs? Often women carry a lot of pain and hurt from their mothers and grandmothers or even former lives. Or they were damaged in this life in a way that diminished their female power. Yet, your inheritance is not only the beliefs that you inherited from your parents, environment, culture etc. but mostly your very own thoughts and feelings gathered along the road of experiences of the Feminine. If you don’t consciously choose to work over new ways, you will somehow keep re-using this built up inheritance.

The Womb Wisdom Retreat… helps you to clean up stuff in yourself (and in the collective feminine) that keeps you from being truly aligned to our Higher Self, so you can do and create in this world what you are here for.

The Womb Wisdom Retreat… helps you to stand your ground as woman in a world that is still mainly a men’s world, supports you to keep living with an open heart, because with the power of your open heart you can transform anything.

The Womb Wisdom Retreat… teaches you not to push our men to their limits and try to change them, but accept and support them the way they are: a unique expression of the divine masculine, searching in their own way how to be a men in this changing world -where old male habits don’t fit anymore and many men are lost how to be soft and sweet and yet also be the strong male we like them to be.

For thousands of years, the men that ruled the earth, ruled with domination, control and patriarchy, things that have nothing to do with divine masculinity. They were thinking very vertical. Vertical thinking is comparative thinking; where it is possible to be better than or less than someone else. In a balanced world as I see it, it is a co-creation that depends on the divine feminine and divine masculine both living their full power.

 What it is not 
This is not a retreat where I will give you all the information and you absorb as much as possible, trying to remember what I tell you and making notes so as not to forget. It’s more that I try to create an environment, a Sacred Womb Space, where we can all plug in and connect with our own healing power. A power we all have, we only have to trust it!

This retreat is not a healing process, it is about AwakeningAnd from this awakening, we can flood the whole planet with our natural healing forces, our healing powers are really needed in the world! The truth is: we women can restore the connection with our own healing force very easily: if only we stop looking at ourselves and relating with others as being weak(er), sick or having problems that we can’t solve ourselves!

To truly heal ourselves, we have to stop thinking about ourselves as having a problem on whatever level, believing that someone outside of us should or even could fix better than we ourselves. We have to start trusting our own intuition, our body, our heart, our Womb Wisdom…!

For whom
For women that want to reveal their deepest truth and their highest potential and to activate their LIGHT inside, so they can SHINE their Highest Self and be in service to all beings.

This is not for pussies… as we will deeply look into sensitive stuff, face our most stubborn patterns, ‘own’ our shit, take responsibility of our lives, transform it step by step and manifest the next big and important step of the life we long for, shining our light and being in service of something much bigger than us.

If you feel a deep, inner YES to all of this… you are invited to connect with Yama and see if your participation feels good for both of us.

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agenda of Deva Yama

Yama is an amazing sister who understands sisterhood so well. She knows how to encourage, to uplift and to love. Because she radiates love, she has so much to give and she inspires you to live your life to the fullest. A deep bow for her journey and share her knowledge with us. Thank you so much for being you. 

Marja Wijnhof, Portugal

What an amazing time we had at our Womb Wisdom Retreat in Portugal! Thanks to all my soul sisters and especially to Yama Voorhorst for guiding this so beautifully! 

Tara Esther Kleij, Spanje

Yama is an amazing sister who understands sisterhood so well. She knows how to encourage, to uplift and to love. Because she radiates love, she has so much to give and she inspires you to live your life to the fullest. A deep bow for her journey and share her knowledge with us. Thank you so much for being you. 

Marja Wijnhof, Portugal

Yama leads the retreat professional and is committed with her heart to the work and the women in the group. She and her assistances took care of a warm and safe bedding during all the retreat. Surrounded with this warmth, I felt welcome to open myself for new experiences. Yama invites to explore while being in this safe bedding with only women. I experienced it, and it is true healing!!! I regained female power, my sensuality and my sexual feelings again. Being in the menopause, I experienced it as if it was all gone… Now I know it was just asleep! 

This retreat is an invitation for every woman that feels she needs a wake-up call, a dive into herself, to re-discover her own feminine power. Experience Womb Wisdom yourself in the safe, warm and caring bedding which Yama invites you to explore! She is one of a kind. 

Maritha Munster