Womb Healing Circle

The time has come that every woman may remember who she truly is.
Powerful and yet soft, warm, wise and loving.
The womb houses the greatest power a woman possesses: the power to create on all levels.

This Womb Healing Ritual brings you a hidden (but not secret) ancient healing that every woman should know. It (re)activates the deep yet often forgotten feminine power within you by bringing practical and spiritual knowledge of catalysing Love and Consciousness. It teaches you to listen to the ancient, creative messages hidden deep within the cyclical powers of the feminine soul. It is a gift of reawakening. This initiation brings you tools to clear the past, release toxic emotions, open to the womb’s energetic pathways, activate your sacred sensual self, bring balance to relationships and harness creative potential. We invite you to dive deeper into yourself, past the stories you created during your life and connect with the unique pure you.

One of the main themes that we touch in this healing ritual will be femininity and your relation towards/with it. What does it mean for you now, and how did your background shape your underlying beliefs? If you don’t consciously choose to work over new ways, you will somehow keep re-using your inheritance. Often we carry a lot of pain and hurt from our mothers, fathers and grandmothers and -fathers or even former lives. Or they were damaged in this life in a way that diminished our power and living our potential. Yet, inheritance is not only the beliefs inherited from your parents, environment, culture etc. but mostly your very own thoughts and feelings gathered along the road of our life experiences.

With this deeply healing ritual, we will heal ourselves, each other and contribute to the healing of the collective female energy. We will share our stories, our pain, our longing and our joy, pass the initiation to the women who didn’t receive it yet and to them who want to receive it again to embody it on a deeper level. And we will do a beautiful Water Blessing Ritual to pray for the healing of the Earth and spread our Light.

After receiving the rite of the womb, you are able to pass it on to other Sisters and in this way we spread the healing all over the world.

For whom
For women who want to reclaim the vibrant power of their womb, their creativity, their life. Women who already received the rite are very welcome to join this healing circle too!

For dates, check the agenda of Deva Yama

YES… it was MAGIC! Radiant and serene… you beauties…!

Lotte Kerkhoven

Yama is an amazing sister who understands sisterhood so well. She knows how to encourage, to uplift and to love. Because she radiates love, she has so much to give and she inspires you to live your life to the fullest. A deep bow for her journey and share her knowledge with us. Thank you so much for being you.


Marja Wijnhof, Portugal