Womb Healing Ceremony

Womb Healing Ceremony 1

Many women have traumas that are connected to men. The relationship with important men in their lives (fathers, grandfathers, brothers, sons, partners) and the role of men in our society, created certain scars and deeply influenced our feeling of safety in general.

Terrible things might have happened to us, women, but we have to realize that it is us ourselves that keep carrying our wounds around and bringing it into our relationships with men, again and again. Maybe we don’t know how to stop the chain of pain, but we can’t keep blaming men to trigger our wounds and the pain and fear that we feel in our cell memories (even the collective one). Yes, it is true that there are still a lot of unconscious, not-knowing men around. But don’t ignore the many conscious men that are stepping up nowadays, longing for a healthy Sacred Union with us women.

Let’s start to take full responsibility of our lives, ‘owning our shit’ instead of blaming it on others (men!). What about if let  men hold space for us to heal? What if we’d step into our own feminine power and share with them how we experience the world as women? Since our feminine ways can be so deeply different from the masculine ways, and since our whole society is build upon the masculine patriarch, even our words to express ourselves are based in masculine structures. But… do you, as a woman, really know what goes around in a man, even though we live in a foremost masculine world? Where to start…? Let’s start by feeling all of it. And sharing it. Bringing it out. Listening to each other and receiving each other with all there is. It is so beautiful to sit side by side and share our most inner feelings and be heard and received by the other women. A circle of women that are all different in background and age, and yet… so the same. Creating a safe space together to be heard and to heal all our pain – also the pain of women about other women!

I will share here about a special Womb Healing Ritual for women, supported by men.

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The Womb Healing Ritual was very beautiful and you guided it with grace and love. Thank you Yama.

Veena Fox, France