While spending some peaceful and relaxing quality days around Christmas in the mountains of Peru with my Womb Wisdom Sister Nalaya and some other friends, I am taking time to reflect on the past year. As I always do when the year draws to a close: giving thanks to all that it brought me, feel what I want to take into the New Year with me and what I will leave behind in 2016.

Looking back, I feel blessed for the way my year has been flowing. It started with my journey to Peru, following an old dream that finally came true. It brought me many lessons and initiations in old traditions, working with the Plant medicine Maestros in the jungle and the Paqos in the valley and the mountains. Peru would call me back more than once – till this very moment.

The months I spent in Europe were also abundant. My retreats were filled up with people from all over the world, the rituals I brought on festivals touched people deeply and made them return to me and my private sessions were fully booked weeks (or even months) before. With many people I worked over a longer period of time (that is the main reason why I will be back for two and a half weeks in Jan/Feb, to continue the process that I started with some of them), witnessing the transformation processes that are taking place inside of them.
Where as in the years before I was giving clearly ‘defined’ tantra massage, dearmering sessions and coaching on Healing Food and Sacred Sexuality and for women, men and couples, in the last year I developed something that is difficult to explain in words what I do. I simply tune into my senses and into the person(s) in front of me and let my hands, body and energy do the work. Apparently it works. I stopped wanting to know and understand. Our senses are made to perceive the electromagnetic energies in everything and everyone that surrounds us. When our consciousness located in the brain (as it is for most people, at least in the part of the world where I come from) our linear mind creates a boundary between us and the world. Where as with the consciousness located in the heart, our heart-connected sensory communication dissolves the boundary between ourselves and the other. It is from this space that I work.

There have been times in my life wasn’t flowing in this way, it even was the complete opposite. It is great to experience how the Universe responds to my energy, living in alignment and transparency.

As above, so below.
As within, so outside.

I did experiences some difficult times as well. Some were opportunities to face something, with big lessons to be learned. Others are still a mystery to me… but some lessons come much later…

The last year hasn’t always been easy in the relationship with my beloved Asim – what do I say… it was at times more challenging than I could handle (and even that is an understatement). The many karmic patterns that we are facing in the depths of our connection are out of this world. They bring up old pain patterns so they can be dealt with and heal, but in not always knowing how they sometimes trigger new pain on top of it. But we are committed to look at this – individually and together – and deal with it to free ourselves, so they don’t have to keep repeating. And the overall feeling underneath all of this, is that He Is My Man and I Am His Woman. This feeling is so strong for both of us that it contains everything. My God, I love every single cell of this man with all my heart from here to the Moon and back in an ever lasting flow…! Asim is in my heart and on my side, even when I am on the other side of the world.

In our overflowing love as well as amidst our raging storms, Asim and I brought many beautiful ceremonies together in 2016. Sacred Union Tantra Rituals for men and women, Heart-opening Sacred Cacao Ceremoniesand Womb Healing Ceremonies –supported by a circle of Sacred Warriors, where Asim guides the Men to hold space for us women, being present and conscious, while I bring the Rite of the Womb (the 13th Rite of the Munay Ki, from Peru) to the Women. Healing in the supporting presence of men is very important for many women, who store a lot of pain and trauma connected to bad experiences with men in their womb and for the healing between men and women.

Our womb is not a place to store fear and pain,
Our womb is to create and give birth to life.

Working with Asim holding space is a blessing for me: I trust him completely and I can go deep in transmitting whatever comes trough me, as an open channel for the Divine.

I feel very proud of the way Asi’m developed himself in this year as well: he is becoming an amazing Energy Healer, working with Fire, Shamanism, Tantra as his main tools (go check it out!)

And then the many beautiful retreats…! First of all the Womb Wisdom Retreats (in 2016 two in Holland and one in Wales). That Universal space of Womb Wisdom is collectively available for all of us women. The intimate work with Sisters coming from all over the world especially for this retreat, healing ourselves, each other and the collective Feminine (and thus healing the balance among the male and the female) by (re)-connecting with the Female Force, is so cleansing, nourishing and empowering. Once we take full responsibility of our lives instead of feeling a victim of whatever happened to us, then magic happens!

There is no way back on this journey. I made a commitment to set myself free from all the conditionings and take every single opportunity to step out of my comfort zone. (…) Knowing that I am 100% responsible for my life is empowering. No one to blame. From now on I will live by truth, not by dramas/stories.
I love my body.
I love being a woman.
I embrace my sexuality and sensuality.
I build healthy and intimate relationship with my own body.
What an amazing trip… the Netherlands!
Thank you Yama … a wild woman … I love you.
Thank you for showing up fully and holding the space for fellow women to awaken.” – Miyo (Singapore)

There is so much to share from this Womb Wisdom space, that 2017 will birth some new creations. There will be a follow up edition (Womb Wisdom #2 ‘The Deepening’) which will take place in Portugal in October 2017. Plus the close connection of Sisterhood in the last retreat and their longing to keep sharing and supporting each other, manifested ‘The Path of the Sacred Woman‘, a year training for women with practical tools to keep up with this work in daily life situations, that starts in May 2017 after I return from Peru. It even lead up to an upcoming retreat for MEN to connect deeply to their Male Wisdom.

After I was told (again!) by the Mother in my last retreat in the jungle to bring a Sort-Of-Womb-Wisdom-Retreat-For-Men to connect to their Male Wisdom, and since the Mother told me this before (which I put aside, because… ‘Who am I as a Woman to do so…?!‘), I started seriously considering to do this. The reactions on this idea where overwhelming, so yes I will jump and bring a Male Wisdom Retreat of which the main healing areas will be Heart, Hara and Prostate: places to be balanced, centered and present, to live like a King. What do I say? The Gods that they are! And of course, like in the Womb Wisdom Retreat for Women, we will share about healthy and powerful dynamics between men and women. This might take place with Remko Leeuw on my side, a powerful men with a lot of knowledge to share about womanhood and male energy.

Another very BIG thing in 2016 were the Sacred Medicine Ceremonies with the Peruvian Masters… in Holland as well as in Peru. Wow! After falling deep into an ‘recognizing’ space with these medicine plants in the end of 2015 and ‘dieting’ them intensely this year (meaning: eating very little and only drinking these plants to learn the lessons from its spirits), I can’t deny anymore that… I have been called. As from the beginning, the Mother tells me to bring my Love and Light and most of all my Femininity into these ceremonies. She asks (demands!) to be fully available for her, so she can ‘use my body’ to bring the necessary awakening and healing. She tells me what to do or even make my body do it… pretty scary at times. But overall, it is one of the most amazing things that happened to me ever after escaping out of that Bipolair Disorder trap that I was caught in for so many years. It is only now that I truly start to get the lessons from that time and – most important – understand how to use them for something much bigger than me or my personal life. I feel grateful for being a tool for the Divine. I am very thankful to the Maestros that give me the possibility to learn from and with them in the many ceremonies we do together in Holland and in Peru, by assisting, organizing, singing the icaros together and by bringing my own healing voice in the ceremonies.

One very special ceremony was when I was serving the medicine and singing in a ceremony especially for Pema, my beloved Tantra Master, Mother, Sister. The gratefulness to hold space for her after all she did for me was immense. It woke a seed and opened up a path in me that is beyond words.

In these ceremonies, the Mother gives me downloads full of information for my work with men and women and… she makes me SING!!! I was never very good but I did enjoy singing when I was young. Then, after being pregnant, I totally lost my voice. It just wouldn’t response to what I tried to do and since my musical hearing is very well developed, I heard myself singing off key… very frustrating! So I stopped singing altogether… But as from the very first ceremony my Maestro asked me to sing… first hesitating, with a cracking and out-off-tune voice, but quickly my voice came back and the icaros would simply flow out of me without me knowing how it happened!

My Tantra Master told me before to bring my voice into my healings, but I was scared to do so and did not know how. Now I know! I sing in my sessions (yes…!). I also picked up playing guitar again after 25 years (thanks to Arturo and his beautiful songs) and I started to work with sounds and sound healings in other ways too. I now totally feel what that is about. Stay tuned, also here is more coming up in 2017, together with my Soul Sound Medicine Brother Zelday Karssen!

Last but not least, I am so very proud of my son Milan. Event though he loves it when I am home, he fully enjoys his freedom while I am away (which was a lot, in the last year) with a big responsibility of taking care of himself, our house and his school. After years of struggling in the regular schooling system, we couldn’t have made a better decision in 2014 than freeing him out of there. Since that time he cycles every day almost 20 kilometers to a school in Soest where nobody tells him what to do, leave alone force their ideas into his stubborn mind. Milan thrives when nobody tells him what to do. After un-schooling for quite a bit, deep down from inside himself came his passions: a.o. music, dance, fashion, psychology, working with kids. And then last summer, he ‘saw the Light’ as he says it himself. Suddenly everything fell into place: he did not want to waste his time any longer and his days became structured and well planned, dividing his time between school, preparing for his exams, his job, going outside to chill with friends and even… cleaning the house! He is happy and healthy and for sure the biggest Master in this life.

So, reading all of this you could say my 2016 was a lot about my work. But for me it was about traveling, learning, sharing my passion and awakening my gifts. Different masters touched some dormant seeds inside of me, to wake up, sprout, grow and flourish. And yes, I love to share this in my work.

I want to end with special thanks Milan MatasyoAsim van RuthPema GitamaTonkiry CamposGino Renzo Cocchella FrisanchoWilmer Muñoz CamposArtur Hilell Mena Salas and Zelday Karssen for what they created in me, being who they are. And thanks to the many Sisters that supported me, personally and/or in my ceremonies and retreats. Without you I couldn’t do it. I love you with all my heart.

I am You
You are Me

Yama Voorhorst, 25th of December, Calca (Peru)