Contrary to what many people think, tobacco is a Master and Healing Plant Medicine, when used in a proper way.

(Nederlands onderaan)

In Plant Medicine Shamanism, tobacco is an important healing plant. It is regularly used in conjunction with other plant medicines, because it is know to cleanse both ceremonial spaces as individuals. When used properly, tobacco can be a powerful medicine to assist with grounding.

Naturally, we are talking about the pure tobacco, for instance the jungle tobacco Mapacho that we work with, not the toxic and polluted commercial cigarettes.

In our Plant Medicine Healing Ceremonies, we work with the smoke of tobacco (to cleanse the space and blow the protection of the healing plants over the participants), with use tobacco juice (a strong tea of mapacho leaves), that can be snored through the nose as a healing, cleansing and grounding medicine and as Rapé, the dried and powdered tobacco snuff from the Amazon, another powerful and beautiful healing medicine. Furthermore, because the spirit of tobacco can identify what has to be eliminated and help you take it out, it can be used as a deeply cleansing and activating purgative (‘purga’ in Spanish) in a very specific, guided ritual.

Smoking leads to death and that tobacco juice leads to life.” – Indian saying

Always use this plant with a clear intention, because the unconscious, casual use of tobacco will not extend the same benefits as the mindful, intentional use of this sacred plant. Furthermore, extensive use of nicotine isn’t healthy for your body, so if you work with tobacco (especially when smoking it). Smoked commercial tobacco is highly cancerigenous, i.e. causing death, several sorts of cancers, infarcts, breathing problems, emphysema and a lot more trouble. If you work with tobacco smoke, it is important to regularly cleanse your body.

De medicinale werking van zuivere tabak 

  • Tabak geeft kracht, liefde, licht, positieve energie, een solide basis, besluitvaardigheid, aarde, gronding
  • Tabak is geen hallucinerende plant, eerder een plant die realiteitszinverhogend is: het verankert ons in de realiteit van het dagelijks leven
  • Tabak kan afstemmen op negatieve vibraties en de sporen wissen die ons lichaam heeft opgeslagen
  • Tobacco juice is ’tabaksthee’ van mapacho (natuurlijke jungle tabak uit de Amazone), wat een verhelderend effect heeft, je laat aankomen in het hier en nu en de man/vrouw balans (in jezelf) herstelt.