Dear Sister,
We have work to do!
Sacred work of the highest order.

I have been preparing for this deep work for a very long time.

First of all, by doing my own work, transforming my Divine Madness into Wisdom that could be understood; transmuting my severe disorder into a gift, by burning my poison into pure Medicine.
Then by hearing, healing and guiding other women in several ways… slowly by slowly opening up and sharing little by little the Wisdom that I receive (a wisdom that is not mine personally. This wisdom that comes through me, is for all of us).

And finally, during my initiation process with the Sacred Toad in Mexico, I was clearly told that I have to be available to work under Divine Guidance to be able to catalyze the needed processes. I surrendered… so here I am, doing exactly that.

What is being created after that, is way beyond any expectation I might have had…! It’s like pieces of the Universal Puzzle are falling and clicking into place… connecting… restoring. Beautiful. Maddening painful, sometimes. Way beyond my understanding, often. And yet, relentlessly powerful and healing.

First of all, I received a clear energetic imprint of how to work with certain awakening sisters, supporting them to remembering who they truly are, taking their place and fully live it. Monthly, we have been creating a safe and loving womb space for our work of transformation and creation, inviting, supporting and empowering each other… mirroring and confronting each other… speaking our deepest truth. Unconditionally. Embracing all that arises in the Heart of All, so it can be faced, healed and transmuted.

We are working as Sister Doula’s: helping each other to give birth to our True Selves.
As a woman.
As an authentic individual.
As a field of women together.

>>> AND NOW, after a working very intensively with this exclusive circle of guided Sacred Sisters, there is a first opening for more sisters to join this sacred work! <<<

In this retreat from Thursday to Sunday, we will be burning poison. Literally. Our personal inner poison and collective poison. Burning all the venom into pure Medicine. Cleansing ourselves and the collective field with brutal honesty. Bringing it all into the fire of the Heart.

Into the Heart
Into the Heart
Into the Heart

Also here, we will work under Divine Guidance, making itself known through me. I am but an instrument of the Divine. I am all of you. Together we are weaving a vibrating web of an Awakened Woman’s energy field.

We will start with a night of cleansing and intentions (rapé and tobacco juice), then we will do two days of deep work with the powerful heart medicine of the sacred toad and medicinal cacao; both heart opening medicines, that work perfectly together. The last day is for integration.

I call upon you, my sister, from the space of deep divine wisdom, the space beyond all veils, to be present in this circle of Medicine Sisters, if you feel the call to be present and ready to take full responsibility to transmute your own AND collective poison*.

*) ‘poisons’ are all parts in ourselves or in or life that we cannot accept. That feel heavy. Unfair. Unhealthy. Toxic.

Know that you are responsible for your life. Only you. Yourself. So take the Full Responsibility. Sublimating, transmuting… Healing. Cleansing. Remembering. Activating the flame within. Inducing light. Taking our True Place.

We want to highlight that this deep work is certainly not for everybody!
>> Please write us an email, with your motivation to join: why do you feel the calling to take your place in this circle to work with this medicine?

The ceremonies are guided by Deva Yama and her team of sisters.
During many years the Peruvian Amazon and Mexico, apprenticing with different indigenous maestros, Yama received deep insights into the healing power and ancient knowledge of the healing and transformative sacred medicines that mother nature provides. Yama’s teachings and transmissions are based on her fully embodied experience in healing herself in different sacred traditions, lineage teachings and initiations, the most profound ones being the Kaula Heart of All, her Tantric Family, the ancient healing ways of the indigenous Paqo’s (shamans) in the Andean mountains, the Plant Medicine Maestros in the jungle of the Peruvian Amazon and the Sacred Medicine traditions in Mexico.

Read more about Yama here.

The ceremonies will be held in the North of Holland. You will get more precise information about the location after payment.
You are welcome to arrive the first day between 16.00 and 17.00h, to meet, have some tea and organize your spot in the ceremony space. Around 18.00 we will start together.
For more information and/or to attend, mail to, and you will receive more information.
Much love,
Deva Yama ♡