The Sacred Way is a ‘year training’, which introduces several IMPORTANT ATTITUDES that support you to build a strong fundament for the realization of a fulfilling and embodied (spiritual) life.
The Sacred Way brings you GROUNDING and UPLIFTING TOOLS to create sacredness in your daily life, recognizing and honoring the magic in the mundane.
The Sacred Way encourages you to reclaim YOUR NATURAL STATE OF BEING: a spiritual being who is having a human experience. Recognizing and acknowledging that your spirituality is an integral part of who you are.
The Sacred Way helps you to SHED THE LAYERS (shields) that you might have built around you, while growing up and living in our western society with its many confusing goals.
The Sacred Way supports you to practice and embody your spiritually, RAISE YOUR VIBRATION and to live in integrity in every corner of your life.
The Sacred Way inspires you to embrace your whole life in way of PRAYER AND DEVOTION TO THE DIVINE.
The Sacred Way invites you to BECOME THE LIGHT that you wish to see reflected in our world.
The Sacred Way brings Sacredness, your deepest Truth and the Feminine Force back into your DAILY LIFE
The Sacred Way is a SPIRITUAL YEAR TRAINING guided by Deva Yama, consisting of 10 days (8 Wedesdays, and a 2-days closing weekend of Saturday and Sunday in the end), spread out over a year, from April till November 2021
Our society, which is in the core deeply rooted in masculine energy (as a heritage of many ages of patriarchy) has little consciousness of the sacred dimensions of the Wild Feminine. Women are forced in masculine thinking and organization structures, which create disastrous consequences in the relationships between men and women and between all human beings and Mother Earth. Some even see our living and generously providing Mother Earth as a ’thing’ that we can (ab)use as we please! It’s high time to restore the natural balance within- and outside of ourselves and create a new and healthy living world. Each one of us, men and women alike, has his and her own share in this, since we create our world together.

Whereas the Sacred Path is still somehow goal-oriented, having a clear direction towards the intended transformation, the Sacred Way is more about the way we do things. The way we approach life. This sequence aims to create the proper conditions for an uplifting, spiritual and free life – wherever we find ourselves.

It introduces ancient tools to fall back into our natural feminine states of being, shedding all the layers of our hasty, goal-oriented society with its many confusing goals, to live an authentic shining life with a wide-open heart. Vulnerable and protected.

It is about embracing our femininity. Walking our Medicine Way. Enhancing our own Inner Medicine and Gifts. Internalising and following our aspiration, finding inner-stillness, detachment and de-identification, sublimation, singing, prayer, surrender and devotion to the Divine. That Divine aspect in ourselves.
1. Developing awareness
2. Your personal attitudes
3. Fundamental attitudes
4. Stillness
5. Into the Heart
6. Sublimation of energies
7. Surrender
8. Devotion to your path
9. Gratitude
10. Integration
This year training consists of 10 days spread over the year: 8 full day meetings on Wednesdays from 09:30 – 17:30 from April till November 2021 (with a summer break in July and August) and a 2-days Celebration Gathering on Saturday and Sunday in the end.
The Wednesdays will be in Abcoude (in between Utrecht and Amsterdam) and the weekend somewhere else.
This path is a year training of eight Wednesdays (09:30-17:00) and a celebration weekend.

Overview of the dates:

Day 1 – Wednesday 14th of April 2021
Day 2 – Wednesday 5th of May 2021
Day 3 – Wednesday 26th of May 2021
Day 4 – Wednesday 16th of June 2021
(July and August summer break)
Day 5 – Wednesday 8th of Sept 2021
Day 6 – Wednesday 6th of Oct 2021
Day 7 – Wednesday 3rd of Nov 2021
Day 8 – Wednesday day 17th of November 2021
Closing Gathering:
Satuday 27th of November 2021
Sunday 28th of November 2021
The Tuesday Gatherings will be in Abcoude (between Utrecht and Amsterdam), the Netherlands.
NB: the closing days (on Saturday and Sunday, including sleeping) will be on another location in Utrecht area.
Every woman brings a healthy (vegetarian) dish to share for a potluck lunch.
The training costs €99,-* per day
The closing weekend will be somewhere else and costs €185,-* extra for food and accommodation and ceremonies.
Please send an email to contact@devayama.com that you want to join this Sacred Way 2021 on Wednesdays.
If your place in the year training is confirmed, please transfer your first payment of € 383,-** (non-refundable) within two weeks by chipta. Only after this is received, your place is reserved for you.

This first payment of €383,-** is actually the payment of the closing weekend (2 days of training à 99,-* + ceremonies, food and accommodation à 185,- = 383,-**).

The rest (8 Wednesdays x 99 euro = 792*) you can pay in two ways:

Way 1: at once, with a little reduction
If you pay the whole rest of the training at once before the 25th of December 2020, you pay only €750,-*
Way 2: in installments
You can also pay the rest in installments – 4 payments of 198 euros.
*) This amount is excl. VAT (BTW) for entrepreneurs
**) Non-refundable.
You could say that the other year training, the Sacred Path, is a more masculine, goal-oriented approach towards a certain transformation, having a clear direction (compass) where to go. Whereas the Sacred Way is a more feminine attitude of doing things: it is about the way we do things, all and everything included. Changing your ways in a sacred way, transmuting your attitude to life.
Because some of you are also interested in Yama’s other Year Training, the Sacred Way, these two trainings are planned one day after the other: the Sacred Path on Tuesdays and the Sacred Way on Wednesdays, on the same location in Abcoude.
If you are interested to do both and want to stay the night over, please contact Serafina for tips about B&B’s nearby, or to look for other options.