The Sacred Path – individual trajectory

The Sacred Path
The Sacred Path is a training that supports you to take your personal Next Big Step on your path of transformation.

You know what you want, but you don’t know how to manifest it… Or you don’t even know what you want anymore, as you are taking into account so many others (children, partner, friends, society) that you lost your own truth and direction… It is difficult to navigate in life without a clear compass. The Sacred Path is a transformation trajectory FROM DREAM TO MANIFESTATION. In individual sessions Yama will support you to honestly look into sensitive stuff, face your most stubborn patterns, ‘own’ your shit, take responsibility, transform it step by step and manifest the next big and important step of life you long for, shining your light and being in service of something much bigger than yourself.

Overall, this personal development trajectory towards authenticity and awakening and transformation follows the same transformation steps as the group training The Sacred Path, year training for women in Sisterhood. This individual path is possible for both men and for women. The length and duration of these 8 to 10 tailor-made guidance sessions will be planned in consultation.

€190,- for two hours (€90,- per hour extra).
With a payment for the full training in one go, a discount is possible.

(*) Please note that all prices are incl. VAT (BTW) for individuals and ex. VAT for entrepreneurs and companies.


The safety and the love that you radiate is boundless and healing in every way! I hope many women have the courage to come and work with you, Yama, I wish every woman this path of enormous liberation!

Hilde - Belgium,

The Sacred Path is a very powerful way to explore your own stubborn patterns in a loving way. And it gives you the opportunity to change those patterns. It is a very individual path where you really are the creator of your own process. Yama gives many tools that you can play with yourself. I found it very special to use my personal ‘Compass‘ as a guideline and to explore from there, enjoy and struggle with everything that I find on my path.

Ellen van der Brink