The Sacred Path – year training for women in Sisterhood

From Dream to Manifestation. The Sacred Path is a year training for women,
that supports you to take your next big step. – Yama

We know what we want, but we don’t know how to manifest it. Or we don’t even know what we want anymore, as we are taking into account so many others (children, partner, friends, society) that we lost our own truth and direction. Or we do know what we want, and even how to manifest it, but we don’t want to do it alone anymore.

Among women there is a big longing to connect, to live our truth-no-matter-what, to share and to grow, but life brings so many complications. The relationship we have with other women often reflects the relationship we have with our own Feminine Essence. In this year training we will connect as Sisters in the Womb Wisdom Space, to mirror and support each other. No matter what. Together we will heal and transform the old ways of competition and gossiping, and return to a relationship of sacredness, empowerment and celebration among women.

Our society, which is in the core deeply rooted in masculine energy (as a heritage of many ages of patriarchy) has little consciousness of the sacred dimensions of the Wild Feminine. This creates disastrous consequences in the relationships between men and women and between all human beings and Mother Earth. Some even see our living and generously providing Mother Earth as a ‘thing’ that we can (ab)use as we please! It’s high time to restore the natural balance within- and outside of ourselves and create a new and healthy living world. Each one of us, men and women alike, has his and her own share in this, since we create our world together.

The Sacred Path is one of the tools for women to fall back into that deep connected space within ourselves and together with our sisters, to hear each other and support each other in our transformation processes, so we can take our right and true space in this world. It teaches you to fully honor your feminine wisdom, beauty and strength.

The program will guide you to take the next big step on your own path, in a way that the whole universe conspires to make it happen. The gatherings, with guided meditations, plant medicines, shamanism, tantra, sharing singing and other ways to connect with the light inside of you and each other, help you to stay connected with your light. It helps you to bring Sacredness, your deepest truth and the Feminine Force back into your daily life. There will be exercises we do together on the meeting days and assignments to do yourself at home, offering very practical tools to clear the past, release toxic emotions, reconnect to your light and share your gifts, while facing your many (daily life) challenges in between our meeting days.

For women that want to reveal their deepest truth and their highest potential and to activate their light inside, so they can shine their Highest Self and be in service to all beings.

You have to be willing to drop the conditionings and limiting beliefs that keep you imprisoned in old and stubborn stories of fear and smallness, ready to take full responsibility to ‘own’ your shit, transcend self-defeating patterns and reclaim the vibrant power of your womb, your creativity, your life. To look honestly beyond the tapestry of your life for the one who is weaving it… and foster a Soul-Aligned Way of Living on our Mother Earth that truly benefits all.

This is not for pussies… as we will deeply look into sensitive stuff, face our most stubborn patterns, ‘own’ our shit, take responsibility of our lives, transform it step by step and manifest the next big and important step of the life we long for, shining our light and being in service of something much bigger than us.

If you feel a deep, inner YES to all of this… you are invited to connect with Yama and see if a journey on the Sacred Path feels good for both of us.

It is difficult to navigate in life without a clear compass.

1. Compass– finding the direction for your personal journey
2. Acceptance– being right where you are…
3. Vitality– connecting with your longing and desires
4. Opening– hope and prayer. And also… not knowing, resistance, despair…
5. Responsibility– taking care of your inner Yes
6. Letting go and setting free– coming out with your novelties
7. Love– tucking the loose ends, creating the dots on the i.
8. I Am– the harvest
9. Being who you are – shining your Light, sharing
10. Manifestation

For the next edition, check the agenda of Deva Yama

  • The Sacred Path… is a spiritual and practical Transformation Path of 10 days (8 Mondays, a Saturday and a Sunday) spread out over a year

  • The Sacred Path… teaches you to fully honor your feminine wisdom, beauty and strength

  • The Sacred Path… will guide you to take your next big step on your path in a way that the whole universe conspires to make it happen

  • The Sacred Path… brings Sacredness, your deepest Truth and the Feminine Force back into your DAILY LIFE

  • The Sacred Path… works with meditation, plant medicines, shamanism, tantra, singing and other ways to connect with the light inside of you

  • The Sacred Path… helps you to stay connected with your light when you face your many (daily life) challenges

  • The Sacred Path… offers you very practical tools as well. To clear the past, release toxic emotions, reconnect to your light and share your gifts. Exercises we do together on the meeting days and assignments to do yourself at home

So grateful to feel this Sisterhood… What a journey with my compass ‘BELIEVE’… And now I can say: “Yes, I believe.” Thank you Yama, for assisting me on my Sacred Path… my journey of life… I feel so much love.

Judith Penninx

The Sacred Path wasvery useful for my personal development. Not only the exercises of introspection, but especially the feeling of belonging to a community of women (sisters) gave a lot of support in my life.


It was quite a journey, which opened previously closed – no, hidden! – doors, and allowed me to see myself and life through different lenses.  One of my major discoveries was how I have convinced myself at an early age that everyone else knows better than me. And that is such a limiting belief! Staying quiet when I could/should let my voice resonate, following someone else’s view or suggestion as I don’t trust my own… It is time to change that. I feel supported and nourished. Yay for exploring hidden avenues.


Dear Yama, THANK YOU for sharing your beautiful healing work and gifts. Thank you for walking this Sacred Path together in this safe circle of beautiful sisters. Thank you for guiding me, teaching me to go within beyond all the stories of my mind, learning me to trust my inner wisdom, to trust the unknown, supporting me, kicking me under my ass when needed, waking me up, holding space, what a deep dive. Like you said it’s not for pussies The Sacred Path - year training for women in Sisterhood 1, you have to be willing to face yourself and take full responsibility. I am grateful I did. I feel way more (inner) freedom and love for myself and everything that surrounds me. No matter what… My body knows and I realize now that I always have a choice. Big Hug, Fieke.