Words of gratitude 

First of all I want to thank my very dear old friend and teacher Henk Hofman, who gave me a deep imprint with his inviting and respectful ways of teaching, that deeply influenced all my work and teachings. More importantly, he was the first to recognise my bright inner light when it was still deeply hidden under layers of severe depression and manic episodes. He was with me during my lowest lows and also during the peak moments of extreme consciousness, joy and love, always convincing me of my gifts when I didn’t recognise them myself.  

I’m deeply bowing down for the inner light and guidance of my Tantra Master and Mama, Pema Gitama, she and our Kaula Heart of All are my inner home.  

I also bow down for my parents, who gave me life and unconditionally supported me when I needed it 

And of course I endlessly thank my son and sun Milan Matasyo, the biggest Guru in my life who still teaches me every day. I am proud of who you are and the way you create your life.  

And I want thank to the lovers in my life for what they shared with me and taught me about myself. Most specifically my Beloved and Soul Brother in the medicine work, my partner in Casa MedicinaZelday Karssen. I bow down in deep love and devotion for you and me and us and all we may share in this world, together creating so much more than we could have ever imagined. You are me and I am you…! 

I want to thank la Familia de Casa Medicina, the ever-growing spiritual family that supports us in our work. Without you we could not bring a fraction of the what we do now. A deep bow for your unconditional trust and support. 

I feel a lot of gratitude to my Maestro Heberto Hirán Garcia Mendendez for the many energy transmissions and initiations into the wisdom of the ancient healing traditions of the Shipibo Meraya Lineage. Apprenticing with you in the jungle of Iquitos brings the magic in my life.  

I am also very thankful to Maestro Don José Campos and the other maestros in his lineage, that I had the privilege to intensively work with for a couple of years, in the jungle of Pucallpa, as well as in The Netherlands, developing a solid base in the Shamanic Plant Medicine work.  

And I want to express tremendous thanks to my music teacher Arturo Mena, who inspired me to play the guitar and sing, sing and sing! He taught me his beautiful songs during our dietas in the jungle, with a lot of love and patience. 

Further thanks of another order goes to Elio Geusa, for his generous sharings about Master Plant Dietas, and to Ross Heaven, Stephen Harrod Buhner and Travis Bodick for their writings about working with the Medicine Plants. They inspired me deeply and I mixed my knowledge and thoughts with theirs to provide the important information about working with the Plant Medicines on this website for you.