It’s high time to restore the natural balance within and outside of ourselves and create a new and healthy living world. TOGETHER. Each and every one of us, MEN and WOMEN alike. We all have our own share in this, we create our world together.

All of the work with Women and Men separate that I have been sharing about in my recent post about TRUST has ONE MAIN GOAL: to support a healthy, safe, loving and sacred UNION among men and women. A merging that can create a glimpse of the Oneness we can fall into together…

Somehow we all seem to be longing for Oneness. One with Nature, One with the chocolate bar we see in front of us, One with our beloved and even One with ourselves. Yet… only in the Source is true Oneness. Only in the Source there is no separation, no division. Everything consists of polarities: Light/Dark, Day/Night, Men/Women. The moment a little female egg and a male sperm cell merge into the Oneness of creating a new being, devision starts… and all parts that are being created contain both the polarities male and female.

We keep searching for methods to fall back into the energy of the Source, searching for the Oneness of the Source, longing to be One. For me, Woman Circles have no aim in itself. Creating this Sisters-only space is about deeply healing ourselves as women, so as to be able to live our natural beauty and stand strong and bright within our Feminine Powers next to Men in this world. And because the essence of our Feminine Power is so absolutely different from the Masculine Forces, we need some time and space among each other to rediscover and own all of it. And within Men Gatherings vice versa. Since only then can we meet and share in full glory, play with the dynamics, merge our polarities and try to fall back into that Oneness together.

Oneness together
This is definitely also a very important part of my own personal path, the search for Oneness. First of all within myself and I must say, I did a pretty good job there already. First freeing myself from dependent relationships and then healing a bipolar disorder of more than 25 years that was absolutely tearing me apart in all imaginable extremes! And now, as a next natural step, the search for a strong Man to stand next to me. Creating a healthy, natural flowing bond to merge into this Oneness together. A bond with enough space and safety to heal the rest of our wounds that we caught somewhere along the way of growing up, wounds that pinpoint us to the lessons we apparently have to master in this life, wounds that hide the diamonds of our gifts inside. And in all of this, standing strong next to each other in full support.

And all of us know, this togetherness of Men and Women is not always so easy, especially when we get triggered in the wounds that we long to heal! Depending on our upbringing, we have so many unconscious believes about many things. But nothing is good or bad, it’s only our way of thinking about it that makes it so. It is our mind that dictates to us and tells us that this is right and this is wrong. Where did our mind get this knowledge? From experience. But is experience the truth? Not necessarily. The experience is not the truth, it’s just our training, how we grew up. We need to wake up, expand our Consciousness and gain Awareness of what it really is about.

Our gift
For both of us, being so sensitive within our crazy world, this highly urban system with its many problems, while having a deep inner remembrance of the organic system, is not only our difficulty, we realize that it is also our gift: the planet needs sensitive people that realize what needs to be transformed. People that are not sensitive don’t notice the problems and won’t do anything about it. But we shouldn’t get ourselves so overwhelmed that we shut off and plug out.We have learn to cope with things and handle with consciousness. For us an important way to open up the space of consciousness is working with the sacred plants. The next step is about bringing all that consciousness into our own lives, to stop the highly unconscious reaction patterns from deep down. To actually deal with things and transform them, this is what the true work of the plants is about.

If you want to make this world a better world in which to live, first you have to look deeply within yourself and inquire, “Who lives? Who’s world is this? To whom does this world belong?  And from that space, meet the other person and stand next to each other, daring to look together, confront each other with the blind spots that are left after our self-inquieries.

This is the path me and my beloved are on. And for me, one of the biggest compliments I can get after hosting a retreat together, is that we are holding space from a Womb of Togetherness, being balanced in the Male/Female energy. This is something I am really searching for, in this unbalanced world. This masculine world definitely needs more of the Feminine Ways of Wisdom – we women are called upon to share this. But… to compliment each other, not instead. We have to stand next to each other and support each other. All of us, we have to learn to ground our Soul’s purpose in everyday life, instead of making it an excuse for all kinds of behavior. Maybe this is exactly what our life is about.

From 29th of May till 1st of June, my beloved and I guide a SACRED UNION RETREAT in which we will dive deeply into all of these issues together, and as men and women separately  bringing our wisdom back together. We will work with all of our medicines in the rituals and ceremonies: Tantra, Massage, Sounds and Vibration and the Sacred Plants.

You are invited to join us! More information you can find here: Sacred Union Retreat May 2018

Much love, Yama & Zelday