Ooohw those beautiful Sister Circles!

Last Thursday we came together for a Singing Medicine Circle, sharing about

what was present in ourselves in the here and now

the imprint of our names on our lives (“Whom or What is actually called upon, when people call your name?”)

the importance of a healthy ‘Discipline of Awareness’:

Not the mind- and soul killing kind of discipline that instantly makes us want to rebel, but creating a very supportive discipline (routine) in your life, to help yourself profit from all the insights that you gained on the way about what truly supports you in your (daily) life.

Because… we often have so much knowledge and insights about what is good for us (really, it is not that we don’t know, that we are un-aware), but the thing is that we don’t act upon it. At least not consistently. So it often stays at a level of ‘what would be good for us – if we would only do it!

Yes… BUT!

Honestly, what’s the use of learning and becoming Aware of what is good & bad for you (or for your surrounding, for our beautiful and important Mother Earth) but NOT ACTING UPON IT BY BRINGING IT INTO YOUR LIFE?

Or, even worse, SABOTAGING your greatness and fullness by sustaining a small(er) version of yourself by continuing doing everything that sucks, that blocks you and makes you feel bad afterwards, dimming your light…?

If you are unaware of what is going on, there nothing to do about it (yet)…
But if you are AWARE of it… then start behaving accordingly!

This is what AWAKENING is about! Getting the insights is not enough, you’ve got to act upon them.

WAKING UP means… owning your shit, taking responsibility and living a life that supports your Natural, Healthy, Smiling and Beautiful Flow with the Universe, so She can manifest herself through you and you effortlessly flow along by bringing the best version of yourself into this world, by being in service to a something much bigger than you!

You have to make a true COMMITMENT to do your ‘work’.

In ‘The Sacred Path’ (the year training for women) we work intensively with a ‘COMPASS’ and basically, this compass is a form of commitment: for the duration of the training, you watch and approach EVERYTHING you do, every decision you make, through the glasses of your ‘compass’. Everything you do, you do from that angle.
Your commitment is important, because often you start trying to implement a certain change with an intention, from a desire from in a certain mood. But what if that positive, life changing ‘mood’ is gone…?

We start the training by choosing our ‘compasses’ carefully, so we know our direction where to go, and then we commit to it with Heart and Soul! This way we try to tackle all bad habits and escape options and turn them around into growing possibilities. And this needs a rigorous commitment for sure.

A commitment to creating a healthy and supportive life style and in this life certain habit have no place so they have to go. So we can end the training by harvesting and counting our blessings Decisiveness, commitment and sister medicina 2🙂

Scary? Hell Yeah!
Does it work? Hell Yeah!!

How do you think that I got rid of my eating disorder?
How do you think that I got rid of the stuck energy of my sexual abuse past?
How do you think that I even got rid of my bipolar disorder?

– By sticking to a healthy Discipline of Awareness (imagine what this asked from me at the time, being as unable and allergic as I was to any form of discipline!).

– By keeping my ‘compass’ in front of me: pointing to where I wanted to go and acting in a way that brought me there – instead of constantly re-acting on random distracting things that were happening around me (which they do all the time) and being pushed forward by my upbringing, my conditionings, my learned ways of ‘zo doen we dat nou eenmaal’s (this is how we do it, because we have always done it like this).

Decisiveness, commitment and sister medicina 3

So, maybe now it is the time to drop the bullshit and commit yourself to what YOU really want. And then live it RIGOROUSLY! Stop making space for the undermining fears (your own, your parent’s, the ones from the system…). If you really let go, those fears will no longer have any hold on you! Create your own path from MindFuck to a new and healthy MindSet. Living from a new framework.

Realize that each frame is just one of many stories that you can choose to summarize your life. Choose something wise, you are wise enough! Really, it’s a choice.

Your life
Your choice
You are free

So… having said all of this, I will be a bit more practical!

One of the many tools that we work with during The Sacred Path*, to implement things and break the patterns that keep you small is my version of 21-days challenge:

Make a decision to do something for 21 days – and you do this thing every single day.


To start with, ANYthing small will do! I say ‘small’ because it is is not (yet) about the result, but initially it’s about training your decisiveness (besluitkracht), your decision-making power,. When you fail it only adds to all your reasons to give up, so make sure you succeed by picking something very doable – you’ll find that even this might be challenging at times when you don’t feel like it.

But… you do it anyway, every day, for 21 days, no matter how you feel about it.

>>> Do it also when the mood in which you made this decision changed. Especially thén!! – because these are the very moments we need to break through!

(Ok, be sweet to yourself as well: you can allow yourself to miss one day because for whatever reason and pick it up next day, but if you miss more: start over again!)

When you succeeded, pick something bigger. Not too big – if you want to break your pattern of eating all the time in between meals, decide to have an extra snack only two times a day. Or make a habit of praying and connecting with your food before you eat – whenever you eat, even when you stick something in between in your mouth! Or when you want to implement meditating everyday, start with 5 minutes instead of an hour – but make sure you do it. The trick is in actually doing it Every Day!

And in the regular Sister Circles at my place we also touch things like this, so join us if you feel like sharing and becoming inspired.

In the Sister Circles we also often work with the supporting energy of the Medicines Plants. Like last Thursday, we have been refreshing ourselves and washing all our heaviness off with a beautifully smelling ‘Baño de Hierbas’ (herbal bath) and we shared Tobacco juice and Rapé in a little ceremony.

It’s soooo good to feel that we can share pain, shame, purging, happiness (Alegría!!) beauty, admiration, devotion, songs and bites altogether in one evening in Sister Circles like this. As my dearest Sister Yarana Chandar put it last Thursday: “We are so meant to do this healing together as Sisters!

Yes, we all have to take responsibility for our own share, do it ourselves, but… WE DO NOT HAVE TO DO IT ALONE!

I know that I said it would be the last and I would pick it up in September again, but… we decided to plan another one on the 14th of August, simply because it is so good to be together in this supportive way Decisiveness, commitment and sister medicina 4😊. For all Sisters that are not on holiday and/or not always able to join on a weekday evening because of distance and work. So if you feel like joining me and my beautiful Sister+ Yvon Eerland then let me know.