Singing Sister Medicina Circle

Losing your Mind and… finding your Soul!

Healing Sister Circle
During this evening we will be diving deeper into ourselves, past the stories that we created during our lives and connecting with the unique pure us. We will meditate and do a plant medicine* ritual (optional) to bring us deeper into ourselves and meet all we have to see and feel within ourselves. At some moment we will create a safe womb for a sharing circle and of course we will sing together.

The Sacred Plants
*) Sacred Tobacco Juice: this is a tea made from the leaves of Mapacho (jungle tobacco) which is absorbed through the nose.
It supports to create a well-founded, centered feeling and also helps to get rid of heavy energies.
*) Rapé: a Sacred Snuff (a complex mixture bases on finely grounded sacred tobacco and a mixture of various other healing plants from the jungle) that is blown with a Tepi (blowpipe) in the nose. Rapé is a sacred medicine that has been used by healers in the Amazon for thousands of years, to clean the consciousness and open a clear vision. An intense blow of rapé immediately stops the internal dialogues of the mind and opens an vast empty space for your intentions. In addition, rapé helps to release emotional, physical and spiritual burdens and diseases, it opens channels for detoxifying the system and cleanses the excess of mucus, toxins and bacteria. The use of rapé has many different goals for indigenous tribes, such as rites of initiation, healing ceremonies and initiation of maturity for men and women.

For whom
For Sisters who want to reclaim the vibrant power of their flow, creativity, their life and bring their healing powers into the world.

We need this Sacred Sister space as women. It is in this space that we can heal things among each other that we really have to heal to carry ourselves. It is always interesting to see how a certain ‘shared’ subject pops up in sharing rituals like this, creating a specific field to look deeper into, because apparently it resonates with all of us.

For dates, check the agenda of Deva Yama


What a nourishing night. Thank you all, angels, goddesses, Sisters! 

Josta, August 2018

Wow, it was amazing yesterday!! Such a deep healing space! Unexpected transformation! As I requested. Love you gorgeous sisters! 

Krista Steenbergen

 Thank you my sweet Yamita. For your trust and fully flowering everything always! Love you deeply. And all my sacred sisters…you’re magical!! Strong, wise, soft, sweet, clear, loving, brave and so much more wow!

Yarana Chandar

It was a magical evening!! So much transformation in only one evening…! I can imagine what more days like a retreat will be like! Thank you all beautiful sisters, together we heal and grow. 

Merit Koelink, August 2018

Yesterday was so beautifulFull of peace, love and gratitudeThank you Yama.

Gonca Gürses Van Herpen

The Sister Circle connected me with my own truth again. I now remember that I’m a strong and beautiful woman and it’s okay to live my own truth despite what others say or try to make of me. I am love! The sharing, connecting, love, plant medicines, singing, and music makes the Sisters Circle an incredible experience. Yama thank you for bringing such a beautiful gift to women.

Jayne Sussana

Thank you for creating a women circle where we could feel a deep level of sisterhood. Realizing again that the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all bring joy, kiss our soul and have the potential to inspire. Learning from you and my lovely sisters, that the womb is not to store fear and pain, but to create and give birth to life.

Evelijn van Bon
Soms word ik naar iets toe geleid, maar weet ik niet waarom. Dan weet ik gewoon dat ik dat gevoel moet volgen en dan komen de antwoorden later wel. Dit was zo’n moment. Ik vond het heel bijzonder om te werken met de rapé. De leegte in mijn hoofd en het ruimer worden van mijn bewustzijn te ervaren. Inzicht in mijn gedrag hoe ik handel en waarom. De ochtend erna had ik echt die helikopter view toen ik wakker werd. Ik voelde me zo krachtig, rustig en vol vertrouwen. En nu nog steeds. Dankjewel.