Shamanic Medicine Retreat

A retreat with 3 Ceremonies to cleanse and raise our Consciousness

The ceremonies are guided by Yama Voorhorst. She will transmit energy and healing through the icaros*, limpias (healings), music and sounds.

(*) Icaros are shamanic spirit songs that call upon the healing plants and other spirits to help cleanse and heal our bodies and souls.

“Soft breathing sounds, humming, whistling… enchanting rhythms… rustling leaves … subtle sparkling tingling seeds… icaros calling upon the maestros and spirits… heart-opening voices… the chacapa… wind chimes…. singing bowls and bells… the magic mulity-layered voices of the gong… Yama brings the sounds and vibration of the jungle with its many helpers and in every cell in you the Universe starts opening up, showing you what you need to see…”

For whom
This retreat is for you, if you feel ready to look deeply into yourself, wake up and raise your awareness to a next level by diving deeply into other dimensions, facing what needs to be faced and taking responsibility for whatever you encounter. You have to realize that partaking in these ceremonies can potentially be a life changing experience of immense significance, since the process allows for a deep release of destructive emotional and mental patterns, as well as an influx of life force that is both healing and inspirational. But no matter how well you are guided during your journeys, remain aware that it is ultimately yourself who is responsible for the way you relate to any challenges you may encounter – during and after the experience – and how you garner the benefits.

The shamanic rituals and mediations can introduce you to a new Universe of possibilities, offering you the chance to heal by changing your mind patterns, show you where you are stuck and allow you to draw from new potential. But it needs to be understood and it all comes down to your willingness to deeply look inside and to your integration afterwards.

This process may show you where your life is not working and where you are creating unhealthy relationships, patterns and outcomes, but if that is what you choose to continue afterwards, it’s up to you. Nobody will do the work for you. You may be shown the roots of your illness, but if you choose to stay ill, no one will intervene against your will and ‘fix’ you anyway. The real ‘work’ comes after the ceremonies, in the doing that follows the ‘enlightenment’. It’s up to you. But what is the aim of your work and investments, if not to create change where you feel it’s needed – and who can create that change but you?

In these retreats we consciously choose to work in groups only, because experience shows us that we create the best healing in this way – since we are all interconnected. We mirror eachother, challenge and trigger eachother, we even heal and release for eachother. We all do our own part in a healing that is much bigger than our own personal work. And the healing we can do as a group, as one big organism, is amazingly beautiful and supportive.

Having said all of this, we want to highlight that this is certainly not for everybody. You have to be ready to own your shit and your light, within a beautiful carrying group setting. If this resonates with you, then you are very welcome to journey with us!

The moment you decide to take part in these ceremonies, the proces inside of you starts. Take your time to ask yourself why you want to be there, what is your intention.
In the weeks before the retreat you will get more information with guidelines for a special diet that cleanses your body, to prepare yourself for the ceremonies. It helps you to let go of all the old patterns that don’t serve you anymore. Our maestro says it this way: “If you invite your Mother to your house, you don’t invite her in a big mess. You show respect by cleaning up and then invite her in your temple”. Clean up before you invite her.

For dates, check the 
agenda of Deva Yama

Beloved Yama, thank you for this ceremony, your singing and your presence was incredibly powerful! You are absolutely magic in the ceremony….!  I am so grateful for your experience, it is such a big gift for me to go for it, together with so much gratitude, support, love and courage! 


Gracias Yama, for my life changing experience and the many amazing insights I received. I am so excited with my ‘new’ life! 

John van der Loon

I would like to thank you all so much, not only from the bottom of my heart, but with all of it! As I have told you, I really feel reborn and full of positive energy!  You and the whole group have changed my life . I hope we will meet again at a future ceremony, as I am planning on repeating this marvellous experience! 

Ricardo Poeta

An incedible journey, such beautiful people. The night I left I could not stop from weeping in pure love and gratitude for you all. 

Kate Macaula  from England

What amazing ceremonies… turning shit into light! 


It was sooooo amazing. Muchos gracias for this opportunity, I am sooo grateful!!! Received soooo much and so grateful to get to serve and give back a little bit too!!!  Thank you for holding space for such deep healing work. Never experienced anything like the depth, purity and guidance you bring.

Krista Steenbergen

Dear Yama, thank you sooo much!!! I’m so grateful….
For bringing me back to the Mother! It was an amazing experience for me where everything blends together in the field of Love. It brought me intense bliss and clearity.
For sitting with me during the 2nd ceremonie and singing that beautiful song. It gave me more fulfillment than I can explain in words.
For all the music and loving energy you bring.
For organizing these retreats and doing this amazing work, supporting everybody on their path to the Light through the Darkness.
All the Love from my Heart!


The Deep dive… I feel so blessed and grateful, I too bow deep for the Plant Kingdom, the Mother, father Tobacco, our Ancestors, Pachamama, Yama and her assistants, the Music, the Elements and my fellow travellers…. 

I am utterly speechless when I close my eyes and relive my journey, full of remembering, connection, knowing and love… deep love… even in pain, in the dark, in lostness, in fear…
I now walk in peace, feel connected for the first time in my life, cry tears of happiness and gratitude and breathe deep while moving with the flow of my path… 

Songs want to be sung, a strong drive inside to just follow the call, to be available… to be Me and give thanks… And this is only the beginning… Magic and Pure Perfection is what was created in these days together… Thank you all, I feel you and treasure our creation.. 

Kim from France

Yama is a true Master in creating deep healing sacred space and otherworldly magical sound space. The level of depth, presence, beauty and healing she creates with the icaros and various  musical instruments is beyond words. 
We travelled into  a very deep sacred space.  The 3 assistants, both strong space holders and musical muses,  lovingly took care of the group – at any moment in time I knew I could call for support, and they would be present. Intuitively they knew when to step in at the right moment to offer someone presence and support.  This field of trust and loving care made me feel safe and allowed me to sink deeper into my own process. 

What am I feeling one week later? I feel upgraded. It’s as if my ‘internal operating system’ has been reset. I feel deeply grounded, focused, uplifted.  Something in me expanded and I am feeling so much more connected to all that is within and around me.  I can see the next steps ahead in life and have gained inner strength to take new decisions in alignment with my dreams. Since the retreat, I’ve observed a week of beautiful synchronicities, where everything showed up in divine timing and I keep following the signs that life sends me.  It is as if every day has become a sacred journey and I meet everything that comes my way with curiosity and gratitude. Embracing life from a different place. Here and Now. I feel reunited with my path, my power, my breath  and my being. I bow to you with deep gratitude, Love & Joy in my heart. 

Katrin from Belgium

So, here I am, back from a three day retreat with YamaWhat a journey, or to be exact THREE journeys. How true it is to come with a clear intention. To see all the choices I have in my life. Too be able to look deeply into my wounds, only to find the diamonds within. Words can’t express my gratitude for Nature and for my fellow travellers in the ceremony room, but also those who came to visit me in my journey. In the first night I was with my mother and grandmothers and along came Mama Pema. She stood beside me and were a guide that showed me my drama and how to choose not to go there. Thank you. I always have a choice. I choose TRUST and DEDICATION.  In the third ceremony Tantric Master Leela came to visit and taught me about Divine Play. And here I received my Totem Animal and my new spiritual name:  Picaflor.  

Dhara Picaflor

Dear sacred mother ,

A while ago, when my clarity seemed to have disappeared and my heart felt closed, you came to me. I was struggling with self-doubt, old patterns and trauma from childhood. I could not receive what was given to me in life. It felt like something had to die in me first.
I was open to receive you. Determined to embrace the dark. You brought me to the darkest places of my inner world for 3 days and the most lonely, saddest moments of my childhood. I have felt the core of the deep, unspoken trauma of my family linage. I really died, being allowed to experience the unity of what we really are. Being able to feel beyond the illusion of fear and pain. You taught me about unconditional love. You also brought me to my highest potential, my greatness and my feminine power. You made me feel my body like never before. You brought me in straight contact with my true self. The light that I am. On the last day I was reborn. The changes in my life are unprecedented. I am not the person I was before. My inner world is enriched with a seed of love and light that grows in me. All the beauty and love was right before me all the time. Now its time to receive the abundance deeply. I bow for the infinite wisdom of life & for nature. Cura cura Medicina.

I embrace and embody all that I am,
human and messy and part of Gods plan. 
– Fia Forsström

Yama Voorhorst, you are doing such important work! Thanks for the safe bedding and the beautiful healing music. The way you create the space for people to really connect with their self healing capacity is wonderful. It is the most important thing you can do in this time: to remind each other on who we really are.

Dorís Wesselink

Thank you again Yama, for the amazing ceremonies, for your profound and wise words that helped me go trough the toughest insides to the blissful awareness and peace. You created such a protective and beautiful environment with your songs, instruments and medicine.
Thank you assistants, for being the guardians of our souls. Thank you cooks, for the tasty and healthy food, and last but not the least all the brave brothers and sisters with whom we shared together our light and our shadows.

Valeriu Hlihur

I have done a lot of ceremonies with different facilitators and maestros but never have I experienced such a tremendous healing as I did last weekend with Yama  and Zelday.  The love, the passion, the commitment, the spirit, the power they put into their work is something that is hard to find nowadays. They truly are the embodiment of the spirits of the plants.

Vincent van der Mark

Yama is really devoted in honouring nature and the maestros and she carries with her an energy of respect and sacredness. The retreat with her has definitely been one of the most amazing ceremonies of my life.  

I’ve experienced ceremonies like this before, but there is nothing like this. The way she plays the music and holds the energy is so sublime, I am in awe. I could really feel how deeply she has been initiated by the maestros and this is definitely a whole different ballgame than elsewhere. I now know the connection with the maestros is so important to really bring this work.  The instruments and the icaros are transmitting the energy of healing. All I could do is bow in honor and respect. She brings the work in a very sacred way and it really made me experience the jungle, the plants and the animals. I can feel it in my body now and feel so much more connected to pachamama. This is medicine in it’s purest form. I fell madly in love and found my home. I never want to journey anywhere else again. This is my path.

Krista Steenbergen

Words fail to describe the experience of meeting these very beautiful and wise Spirits. Yama treats the Spirits of Nature with immense respect and teaches us to do so as well. Her songs and sounds are of great beauty and have an incredible power to touch your  being very deeply. I so much enjoyed the live music all through the ceremonies. I don’t know how she does it, but the timing of songs and sounds is so perfect and supported my journey in a very powerful way. 
She builds up the retreat in a perfect way, starting softly on the first night, going full on the second night and rounding off the last night, together with a team of Angels who lovingly attend to everyone in the right moment. We worked with Grandfather Tobacco, who is a magician in cleaning you profoundly with smoke, scent as well as with tea.  
Yama stimulates the participants to not get attached to the ceremonies, but take all the teachings home and start applying them in daily life. I feel deeply grateful for the experience and the guidance of Yama. I bow deeply and with immense gratitude to her love and light. I will return to her retreats. 

Monique Konings

Dear Yama, I’m so grateful and have no words for the last couple of days. It was intense Beautiful, beyond Magical and the plant medicines healed so much Darkness and Grief.  Thankful for the Light, the Tears & Laughter, the Visions and Messages.  I will never forget the amazing Souls I’ve met this weekend, thank you all for the Love. In deep Gratitude for the Mother.

Meggy Lemmens