Sessions by Yama & Zelday

Private sessions with Yama & Zelday together 

Shamanic tantra & sound medicine session
Private healing session for women, men, sisters, brothers, couples and friends, guided by the healing hands and voice of Yama, and the medicinal soundscape of Zelday.

Sacred Union session
Privately guided tantra meditations and Sacred Union rituals for couples, supported by a live soundscape and (mild) sacred plants. 

While the sounds and vibrations of Zelday open you on cellular level and bring you into other states of consciousness, Yama’s healing touch deeply penetrates into your energy system. But even more than ‘just’ combining their gifts, something much bigger is happening. While tuning in on the person(s) they work with and plugging in this vast Medicine Space, Yama and Zelday become mere tools of the Divine. It is not anymore Yama working and Zelday doing what he is so skilled at, all they ‘do’ is being fully available and co-operating with the process that wants to happen ‘through them’. From the moment they tune in, their energies, sounds, vibrations, breaths and touches start merging and working together, creating a Sacred Space for you to fully be Who You Really Are and in this space miracles can happen.

 A 2-hours session is specifically attuned to your personal needs and may include: 

  • Sound Healing 
  • Tantric Healing Touch 
  • Energy Transmission 
  • Shamanic Singing 
  • Limpia (Shamanic Healing) 
  • Aqua Florida / Palo Santo Cleansing 
  • Chacapa and Mapacho Cleansing 
  • Tobacco medicine 
  • Rapé medicine 

There are no reviews in English yet, for the ones speaking Dutch you can read the Dutch experiences of clients here.


Price for one person
€350,- for two hours (€170,- per hour  extra)

Price for a couple
500,- for two hours (230,- per hour  extra) 

(*) Please note that all prices are incl. VAT (BTW) for individuals and ex. VAT for entrepeneurs and companies.  

When I was in the jungle of Peru in December 2016, I ‘received’ a sort of protocol for healing sessions. I was told exactly what to do, step by step. Bizarre precisely. It was to be done together with Zelday Karssen, who is also deeply connected in this medicinal plant consciousness space. In these sessions he creates a strong, cell-opening field of sound vibrations for us to enter really deep. And at the same time he is my ‘anchor’, a lifeline for me to dare going beyond myself, surrender and allow the divine to work trough me and take me wherever I need to go for your healing. In this way we can exchange energies in a way I have never experienced before. 
– Deva Yama 

Reviews will follow, go here for reviews in Dutch