In the Amazon jungle, it is a widely accepted fact that
to live off the land is the only way to protect it and all it provides.

Santa Maria has been used for generations in spiritual rituals throughout Amazonia. Also in Europe it is known for its incredibly beneficial medicinal and ceremonial purposes since its ancestry. We call it cannabis or marihuana. Several of our ancient cultures and civilizations depended on cannabis for religious ceremonies, medicine and textiles. Later cultures used cannabis for the production of hemp fibre. Hemp became a staple in manufacturing and industry.  The origins of cannabis trace back to Asia (somewhere between 11.500 and 10.200 years ago) it fuelled the world for thousands of years until control of it fell into the wrong hands.

Two of the main active compounds in cannabis are cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). CBD is non-psychoactive and has a range of beneficial effects, including an anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety agent. You can buy this as medicine in the pharmacy. THC however is the most healing part of the plant, but it is also responsible for its psychoactive effects. There are many restrictions for its use.

It is incredibly important to use this medicinal plant – as all plants – with deep caution, care, respect and reverence. Make sure not to get lost in wandering superficial thoughts and unconscious conversations, but stay present in meditation, acknowledging its conscious spirit in gratitude and devotion.

The way of ingesting the plant highly influences its effects. You can smoke, vaporize or eat cannabis. It is also possible to use medicinal cannabis dissolved into oil, which has quite a few advantages. If possible, use oil of biological plants that have grown outside in the full sun, treated in a healthy and organic way, with great reverence.