Sacred Union Retreat

Everything in existence is a perfect blend of the Masculine and Feminine principle. But these two sides of our Nature have become separated, and our true feelings and lives are split.

Let’s restore the natural balance within and outside of ourselves and create a new and healthy living world. Together. Each and every one of us, men and women alike. We all have our own share in this, we create our world together. Let’s stand next to each other and support each other. Let’s learn to ground our Soul’s purpose in everyday life, instead of making it an excuse for all kinds of behaviour. Let’s stop the highly unconscious reaction patterns from deep down and actually deal with things. Transform them. Let’s meet and share in full glory, play with the dynamics, merge our polarities and try to get a glimpse of the Oneness by bringing our true Masculine and Feminine energies together. And in all of this, let’s find our ways to stand firm and balanced next to each other in full support and devotion to our feminine and masculine forces.

Most of us know that this is not always so easy… especially when we get triggered in our wounds. Both of us, women and men, are reaching out in our own way, yet many of us can’t find the other in the way we are longing for. It is painful to see so many people struggling in the field of love while longing for true, deep contact. So let’s keep searching for that space of Wholeness under the wound, our unwounded self that is always there, carrying the diamond in the wound, and let’s meet the other person from there.

Sacred Union is the experience of feeling in harmony with yourself, with others and with the universe. It brings a deep sense of connection and intimacy with everything around you and inside you. Everything in existence is a perfect blend of the masculine and a feminine principle – but these two sides of our nature have become separated, and our true feelings and lives are divorced. This retreat reunites them, and this inner harmony brings love, joy and fulfillment to our relationships. We embrace the flow of life, and enjoy the ride.

While working with women and men in several ways, we felt the desire to consciously bring the healing energies of men and women together in a retreat that is specifically about that: a retreat for men and women, to tap into our full masculine /feminine powers and meet each other in Sacred Union. To restore the relationship of the Sacred Femine and Sacred Masculine within ourselves, to meet in a powerful and healthy way as men and women in the Here and Now and to heal our relationships on a collective level. So we can once more stand next to each other, in full support and devotion.

This retreat is about the Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine within ourselves and each other, meeting in a powerful and healthy way as men and women in the Here and Now, and healing on a personal and collective level. We will be tuning into the amazingly interesting and sometimes overwhelmingly confusing ‘other sex’, to exchange and celebrate together, guided by methods and rituals that will help us through a harmonious weaving of primordial opposities: mortal and divine, male and female, Shiva and Shakti, spirit and matter, Heaven and Earth.

Yama combines all her medicine tools in these retreat, working with sharing circles, Sacred Union rituals, ancient tantra meditations, diving deep into the woman’s womb and feminine essence and into the men’s hara, the seat of his potent masculine essence. All of this supported by sound medicine healing and plant medicine ceremonies (Sacred Cacao and Blue Lotus for instance).

For whom
This retreat is for men and women who are ready to dive deeper into the dynamics between men and women, watch their own behavior towards the relationship between men and women, view deeper into their main obstacles and deal with them, feel the longing to connect to their natural femine/masculine flow, heal the separation and misunderstanding between the Masculine and the Feminine, and show themselves as a part of a healthy and powerful dynamic between men and women. You are very welcome to journey with us if you feel a YES to this.

For dates, check the agenda of Deva Yama

I’m here to serve the Divine Feminine and Masculine and restore the Sacred Union,
so men and women can stand next to each other in full support. – Yama

Deva Yama guides retreats, healing ceremonies and rituals for women (Womb Wisdom), men (Male Wisdom), partners and mixed groups (Sacred Union), heading towards a new, balanced and inspiring ‘Sacred Union‘ between men and women. There are also Sacred Union Ceremonies. Read more about Sacred Union here.

Loved it all, especially all you people and the open and tender-sweet energy flowing!

Oliver from Germany

It was magic! Radiant and serene… you beauties!

Lotte Kerkhoven