Healing Plants are used all over the world in Sacred Ritual context to divine the future, enter spirit realms, learn the deepest truths of ourselves and the Universe. They enable us to create true healing which goes beyond the abilities of modern medicine and its reliance on intrusive treatments and often damaging drugs.

In my last Master Plant Dieta with Noya Rao I had a clear vision about working with the Madre medicine in conjunction with our own Native Medicine Plants, in my own centre that I hope to manifest in the Netherlands soon. A sort of Master Plant Dieta to (re)gain the knowledge of our local Healing Plants, that we sadly have largely lost in the West.

I love working with the powerful Healing Plants from the Amazon. Sometimes people tell me that they think it isn’t natural for us Westerners to work with these indigenous plants from a part of the world that is not our home. I don’t agree. First of all, this part of the world feels very natural and home to me and for me it feels more inborn to live in the jungle than I’ve ever felt in the country where I was born and mostly felt lost and sad. This indigenous part of the world is still so much more connected to the Healing of our Nature and the Magic of the Universe. And that is precisely what these Healing Plants bring to us as well and what I now want to bring (back) to my people.
It’s not ‘their’ Plants and we are not ‘foreigners’ there, all of this is Our Mother Earth, Our Planet, Our Medicine. And according to me, this medicine is very welcome in our part of the world. My partner and I were even initiated by the Plant Spirits as a ‘Medicine Couple’ and literally asked to bring the Crystal Clear Consciousness and Healing of the Plant Spirits to our home – with all the respect and reverence that it needs to do so and the knowledge of the sacred ways of HOW to work with it properly. These Amazonian Plant Medicines are not like pharmaceutical drugs that you simply take and they will do its work. Sure, some Medicines will give you visions and the background music might make you feel good, but the true healing of the Plant Medicine opens in conjunction with its sacred rituals and live icaro’s that call upon the spirits and guide the energy of the medicine. No music on any electronic device, no matter how beautiful, can ever create that.

Nevertheless… it is high time to ALSO regain the knowledge of our own Healing plants as well and learn to use the Natural Medicines that are growing so abundantly all around us – and that we now simply spray away because we think it is weeds (‘on-kruid’!) while going to the pharmacy to buy chemical drugs to suppress the symptoms of our illnesses, creating only more malfunctions…!

In my vision of the ‘Plant Medicine Healing Retreats’ that I was called upon to bring in my own country, we will be dieting on OUR Master Plants in conjunction with the Madre. The Madre ceremonies are not the most important in this retreat although they are the core of the experience, holding everything else together since that medicine opens us to connect with the spirit of the Sacred Plants. But in this case it is these Healing Plants rather than the Vine itself that will provide the true healing and knowledge. This knowledge doesn’t come as the ecstatic experience that the ceremonies can give you, but it comes from inside out through the physicalmentalspiritual transformation that you experience while taking the plants. The main purpose of a Madre-Medicine-based Plant Diet is to create a powerful connection with the healing plants, so they can become your ‘Ally’. So the focus of the ceremonies is on the diet with the plants, rather than on the ceremonies itself.

And the nice thing about working with plants that grow in our area, is that afterwards participants can keep working with them because they can easily pick them theirselves!

Again, I had a very precise download about this retreat. In these ‘Plant Medicine Healing Retreats’ we will work with the Mother medicine for deep healing and opening up the connection to the other Plant Teachers; with Father Tobacco – his sacred smoke as a cleanser, protecter and enhancer for our prayers and with it’s juice to centre ourselves; we will be fasting on our local Native Medicine Plants, ingesting them and meditating with them. By ingesting a Medicine Plant over a period of time (which is called ‘dieting on the Plant’) you regularly receive the plant’s vibratory energy as well as its medicinal actions. And by adding the ceremonial elements to this Plant Diet it opens the space for a sacred initiation by the plant world, allowing you to connect deeply with all aspects of a the plant, receive its sacred teachings and forge a relationship for guidance and healing, benefitting both yourself and others. We will use Flower Baths and possibly Herbal Steam Baths with local healing plants to support you in the healing and much much more.


The only thing missing is… the actual place to do the work!! So, help us sending our prayers into the Universe so we are able to manifest this in the next year: a place for us to live and bring our beautiful Medicine Work!

✿ Casa Medicina ✿

If like like to read more about the indigenous Master Plant Diets on which this whole vision is based, you can read it here. Let me know what you think!

Much love, Yama ♡