Last week I experienced the deepest ceremonies imaginable with the beautiful Teacher Plant Huachuma. Huachuma is a cactus that hails from the Andes region and has been used ceremonially for many centuries.

The word ‘huachuma’ translates to ‘removing the head’ (wach– meaning ‘remove’ and –uma meaning ‘head’ in Quechua) which metaphorically might mean the death of the ego. As a result of contact with Spanish Catholic conquistadors it is now widely known as ‘San Pedro’, after Saint Peter who holds the keys to the gates of heaven. Locally in the mountains of Chavin it is called ‘Tsunya’, which means Silence, Vibration.

Huachuma Ceremonies in Chavin de Huántar 2

Our journeys were guided by a beautiful and wise ‘Wachumera’ (woman specialized in working with Huachuma). When we first visited the ancient temples of Chavin de Huáraz without the medicine in our bodies to get a feel of the place, she shared a lot about the cosmological wisdom of the pre-Incan Culture of Chavin. When we came back to the temples while being in the Medicine, we could fully experience the magic of this place that was built especially for this purpose.

We were drinking the Plant Medicine in the morning, spending all day on the sacred temple grounds and when the temples closed we continued our deep journey in the garden of our Wachumera, sitting silently under the stars and singing around the fire till deep in the night. The first night we were lucky with the bright and full Super Moon (when the moon is unusually close to Earth, appearing bigger and brighter) and a Lunar Eclipse, raising the energy even higher. During the second night we had big rain and thunderstorms, which made our night very special. And the last ceremony… this one was by far the most special, spent in the illuminating darkness of the living and vibrating stones…!

Huachuma Ceremonies in Chavin de Huántar 3

We have been deeply connecting with Pachamama, our beautiful Mother Earth, meditating in special sacred places to clean up our lineages, praying for our children of the future and balancing the Feminine and Masculine energies. And we’ve been carefully moving deep down in the tunnels of the temples to meditate deep in the darkness of the sacred chambers, where we could see, feel and absorb the living Wisdom that is hidden in the ancient stones of the temples…

I drank this medicine several times before here in Peru. In ancient Incan temples outside in the mountains of the Sacred Valley and while being guided in ceremonies praying with the Four Altars with another Maestro. Also with my Maestro Heberto in the jungle, although it doesn’t originate from there. It is a beautiful way to connect with Nature and All that is surrounding us. It makes you feel One with the Universe while being very connected with the centre of the heart of this Earthly Planet at the same time… Much different from Ayahuasca, which shoots you inside and into other dimensions that you’ll have to integrate in daily life after. Taking Huachuma at daytime while being outside is a wonderful experience, that deeply intensifies your senses. You see the colors of nature at its brightest, the greenest green of the plants, the breathtaking colors of flowers, butterflies and animals, the deepest multilayered depths in the clouds, in stones. Huachuma is also used in darkness (like deep in the temples and in nighttime ceremonies), which enables you to go incredibly deep, serving different meditative purposes.

Taking Huachuma in these ancient Huachuma-temples… I wouldn’t know where to start to share even a tiny little fraction of its impact and the information received, this was one of the most profound opening and healing experiences in my life…! I could feel how my blue prints were renewed and my family DNA overwritten with more healthy information, ancient and new at the same time. And I felt how God, the Source, is truly One… Furthermore everything, EVERYTHING in the Universe consists of two or more… always containing the opposites, black and whitemasculine and feminine… all perfectly complementing each other and becoming One when balanced together. I brought every single cell in my body back into vibrating a perfectly balanced masculine-feminine energy, then becoming fully feminine myself as in this life I embody a strong Female energy, so as to be able to fully meet my beloved and his powerful Male energy… When we come together as Man and Woman, truly together, deeply merging our bodies and sexual energies and living the art of our daily lives, we can fall back into this Oneness… in the Source where there is no devision whatsoever, vibrating in the highest levels possible. And then… my God, this medicine is extremely orgasmic! I’m having full body orgasms for hours and hours… every cell in my body vibrates Energy, Light, Transparency, Love and Unity…! Pure Blisssss…. ✨

I feel very privileged to be able to experience such deep medicine work in such a special and sacred place, under the guidance of e very wise and humble Maestra and her beautiful and humble son. Gracias Universe, for opening up your secrets to me, to us. We are all One. Gracias Maestra, for sharing your wisdom and for safely and lovingly guiding us through such strong processes. Gracias Huachumita, for showing us what we were meant to see and experience. A lot for sure!!

Gracias, gracias, gracias por mi vida hermosa!