Since I am deeply connecting with the Medicine Plants I experience more health, truth and alignment in my life than ever. I feel intense grateful for the purification and thorough cleansing and when I see where I come from (25 years of struggling with a severe bipolar disorder!) it is nothing less than a MIRACLE where I find myself today…!

When I started falling into that deep relationship with the healing plants from the Amazon, I did not have any ambition to work with the plants myself. I have not been planning to do so. I even refused it when the plants started calling upon me. For a long time my mind had a lot to say in return: YES, I very much enjoyed assisting, singing and supporting in this sacred work, I wanted to spread my light and my love and encourage participants wherever I can. But NO I did not want to go into the darkness that seemed to come along on the Path of Shamanism. But the Mother and other plant spirits were very clear and persistent: since they don’t have bodies, they need mine. I am one of those people to serve the medicine and be a guide for others in this confusing 3D world. At certain times I even begged and prayed to ‘let me go’ but in the end, somehow I can’t but follow their call… So I finally surrendered and let the path of Plant Medicine Shamanism unfold, finding myself working with the Sacred Plants in the way that they themselves reveal to me. Deepening the connection with the plant medicines step by step, further and further…
For many the idea of being a Shaman seems oh-so romantic. Personally, even though I have always been sort of attracted to shamanism, I developed a huge resistance to the word ‘Shaman’ and had many prejudices against Western people working with shamanism, including… myself!

This morning my eye fell on a sentence:

Becoming a Shaman is Not Up to Us, It’s Up to the Plants”.

Yes. That’s it. It’s the plants that call us… indigenous or not. It takes more than ‘being indigenous’. The plants have been calling me and all I could do was answer. Realizing this makes me feel grateful and humble. But wow… it is not an easy path! Since I dedicate my life to working with the healing plants, I seem to fall from one intense challenge into the next. All that is not purely aligned is being placed in the spotlight and it is impossible to not face all of it. Not just face it, but experience it deeply and take the consequences. Again and again I am being called to prove that I walk my talk, stay committed to the truth and do the work with an open heart. I am being repeatedly tested to stay dedicated to my truth no matter what. Every bit of my physical, mental, and emotional strength are being tested to fall deeper into humility… always carrying the intent to do good, to help ourselves and humanity.

This year for me is about Purity. The utmost purity in me, in us, in all. And Oh My… has 2017 been purifying!! I have been object of a lot of projections this year, which was extremely hard and harsh at moments… And while trying to stay centered in the eye of the storm, it showed me my personal energy leakages and where I had to work on my alignment myself. I found it very difficult to face the moments I was so overwhelmed by triggers and distractions, that I created chaos and division around me. I truly apologize for that. I apologize to the ones involved, to the Universe for being unconnected and falling out of her generous flow and to myself for the lack of self-compassion in those moments… I am grateful for the many mirrors, the beautiful ones and also difficult ones. I have been looking in all of them, one by one. Taking action step by step, slowly clearing my waters. Distinguishing between what I had to do within myself and also what wasn’t mine… In a conversation about principles we are done very quickly: everyone is a divine, unique, creative creature of love.

“It took me a long time in my early life to realize that when someone was been cutting with their words or cruel with their actions that it really had nothing to do with me. I used to take it so personally that it would cut so deeply into my own interior that I thought somehow I was flawed.
When I realized though that the degree of bitterness was a direct mirror into their own pain messages.
That these were barriers they were placing around themselves in an attempt to not feel the judgments they were still carrying towards themselves… well then I was freed.
I realized it wasn’t my struggle and I didn’t need to join their battleground…. they had enough of a battle going on. The last thing they needed was an external enemy as well.”
– Terri Morehu

I am grateful for all the lessons that I could learn this way, the good and the bad. Not always easy, but always grateful. Because that is what the Mother has been teaching me all the way through: that there is always (ALWAYS!) Dark and Light. Yin and Yang. Good and Bad. And in the end it’s about the Path that I choose to live, what I spread with my actions and what I create in the world around me. The year 2017 rigorously cleansed my environment: people that didn’t resonate with my vibrations anymore fell away, leaving a pure field around me that is truly nutritious, supportive and healing. I feel blessed by the many angels in my life, because Oh My, I am surrounded by many amazingly beautiful souls that believe in me and support me.

I am a child of the Universe. And so are you. Source is our home.

We are here in this life on this beautiful planet to learn some important lessons, that we can only learn through living a while in our temporary bodily temple. And we have to keep that space clean. That is not always easy… but all our lessons are hidden in the cleaning up. In the core we are Light. Pure Light. Eternal like the sun.

May we all shine the Light we are.


I am light, I am light
I am light, I am light
I am light, I am light
I am light, I am light
I am not the things my family did
I am not the voices in my head
I am not the pieces of the brokenness inside, I am light
I am light
I am light, I am light
I am light, I am light
I am light, I am light
I’m not the mistakes that I have made
Or any of the things that caused me pain
I am not the pieces of the dream I left behind, I am light
I am light, I am light
I, I am light
I am light, I am light
I am light, I am light
I am not the color of my eyes
I am not the skin on the outside
I am not my age, I am not my race
My soul inside is all light
All light, all light yeah
All light
I am light, I am light
I am light, I am light yeah
I am divinity defined
I am the God on the inside
I am a star, a piece of it all
I am light
Song: I am Light by India.Arie