By exchanging oxygen and carbon dioxide we are already building a very basic relationship with the plants. The life force inherent to our breath is so rudimentary that without it we can’t even survive for more than a few minutes. Yet in most of us there is little awareness about where our life-giving-breath comes from.

The ability to consciously make the connection between our breath and the green beings enables us to shift our attitude toward them, resulting in a deep appreciation and respect.

Go outside, shift your position from being the observer to being the observed. Get deeply involved by asking yourself the question: “Who is watching me…?“. You’ll find a certain plant, tree, flower or herb to stand out of the rest…. it shines more light to you, inviting you to come close and share its wisdom.
It doesn’t need to be a so called ‘medicine plant‘. You don’t have to drink it or make any sort of brew or tincture to take her in. You can simply connect by sharing your breath and your energy and open up to the spirit of the plant. Sense it.
Life is based on interconnected relationships. It is not one block built on top of another but a vast web of interwoven vibrations of light, sound, sensation that we are able to sense.
The ability to heal with plant spirits is directly connected to this interconnected relationship and how intimate it becomes. Deep intimacy with plants is possible, even to the point of moving sexual energy.
By consciously exchanging our breath with a plant, breathing in when she breathes out and breathing out when she breathes in, we create a Circle of Light energy, just as we do in Tantra Meditations with men and women. Continue to raise the energy until you are fully vibrating together. When you are in one deep energetic flow with the plant and its spirit, the plant will start sharing its wisdom with you in a nonverbal transmission of energy.
The wisdom of plants is enormous. Due to the fact that they can’t move, their Wisdom is not shattered all over the place but very concentrated. In a deep connection, she’ll let you breathe it it in and unfold inside of you…
We are evolved sensual beings. We perceive the world with our senses and our electromagnetic field. Unfortunately, in many of us our senses have become dulled by modern day life: walking on pavement, tasting dead food, the smell of exhaust fumes, the feel of synthetic clothing on our skin… our electro magnetic fields are scrambled by a constant bombardment of waves from all directions: cell phones, tv, computers… We forget what it is like to be connected to the earth and to the spirit that is inherent in every plant, tree, flower.
Our healing relationship with plant spirits begins with the acknowledgment of our exchange of breath. Realising that this breath is more than just oxygen, it carries the life force that originates from plants and trees.
Go out in nature. Take in the source energy of the sun and the earth. Smell the sweetness of a flower. Listen to bird songs, to the stories of the whispering leaves and the sound of running water. Let your cells wake up and remember that you are a part of nature, capable of engaging with the earth and all of her beings in a deep and sensual way. Breathe its beauty. Share your breath.
Don’t ever dim your inner flame to be what is perceived as ‘normal’. Shine your Light. Share your gift. Be love. Conscious Love.
Bowing down to your inner light,
Deva Yama