Sacred Cacao Ceremony

This is not just a Cacao Ceremony. This is a one day Deep Dive Ceremony with Medicine Plants, in this case Cacao and often other medicines as well (Blue Lotus, Bobinsana, Mimosa Pucica, Rapé, Mapacho Tobacco, to name a few). It is a beautiful opportunity for you to connect with these plant spirits and let them support you on your path. All within a safe container of space holding, by Yama and her team.

After drinking the ‘ceremonial grade’ cacao mixed in a special tea, Yama will create a Sacred Space with sounds, vibrations, voice and icaros (plant medicine music) and meditations. This Sacred Space is an invitation for you to open your Fullest Potential. Yama might support the individual processes with other plant medicines and limpias (shamanic healing). Towards the end there will be singing with guitar and the opportunity for participants to join in the music. We end the gathering by sharing a healthy and nourishing meal.

“While the Sacred Medicines are entering your body, you hear soft breathing sounds, humming, whistling… enchanting rhythms… rustling leaves … subtle sparkling tingling seeds… icaros calling upon the maestros and spirits… heart-opening voices… the chacapa… the sun gong… wind chimes…. singing bowls and bells…”

The sacred medicine of Cacao alters the neurochemicals in the brain, produces a feeling of well-being and heart-opening, helps us elevate our state of consciousness, brings our polarities into balance and reconnects us in an infinite state of Oneness.
The highly potent ‘ceremonial grade’ cacao that we use for our ceremonies has a natural strong dose of these substances, since it is not being modified for consumption. Most cacao is produced as cheap as possible, for consumption. There is also beautiful raw cacao for healthy food and as an energy supplement. And then… there is wild and medicinal cacao! We only use the purest and most potent healing cacao we know, an ancient and rare Guatemalan variety that is being selected for it’s very strong vibration, which doesn’t come from cacao plantations but grows either wild in the jungle or together with other plants in a balanced permaculture, to reach the optimum natural conditions for both of them. It is carefully selected and difficult to get.

Read more about the Sacred Cacao Medicine here.

“The cacao ceremony was very beautiful and opened up my heart to even deeper layers. Just looking and feeling my partner next to me already brought up tears of deep gratitude and Love.”


Zoveel liefde,  kwetsbaarheid, kracht en heling. Gewéldig, ook dat ieder de gelegenheid kreeg in het licht te staan en… te zingen… hart energie te laten stralen!

Wiel Joosten

Het was super, ik ben diep geraakt door de verschillende klanken, geuren, trillingen en energie.

Gerrit Lovink

“Again a beautiful and intense ceremony. Feeling grateful and strong to be… me. Thank you Yama.“


For me it was again a potent vivencial healing ceremony. Thank you Yama! 

LilithMagdalena Abeel

It was very transformational, once again!

Lale Freie

Pure liefde die bedreven wordt met handen, instrumenten en stem. Mmmmmm…

Monique Appels

Wow wat was het een indrukwekkend avontuur! Dank jullie wel, Yama en Zelday, voor de medicijnen, de muziek en klanken en de toegewijde begeleiding. Ik kom terug! 

Annemieke Witteveen

Dank jullie!!! Dit was 300 km. rijden meer dan waard! 

Marjan Tuyttens uit België