Ritual Preparation of Agua de Florida

Agua de Florida (florida water) is a blossom & herbal water that is used for purification, healing, protection, blessing and blossoming. It helps to channel emotions, pain and sadness, clearing energy or bust up stagnant energy that’s being held in the body of a client or participant in ceremonies. It can also be used to purify and protect your own space and energy field while working with others, help to channel emotions, pain and sadness, you can bathe in it, cleanse your altar and shamanic tools with it, clear stagnant energy in rooms and you can even use it as… a floor wash! In Latin America this ‘water’ stands for good luck, for blessing and for protection against all negative energy.

Ritual Preparation of Agua de Florida 1


Agua de Florida is traditionally made only by women and the ritual way of preparing is only passed on from woman to woman.

For this preparation ritual we will come together in ceremony and we will all be making our own potion of Agua de Florida, step by step, brewing according to an original and unique indigenous recipe from Latin America. It will be filled with our intentions, our energy, herbs and flowers of the season and some (secret) ingredients that Yama will provide, that will make it into a powerful and unique medicine. 

Throughout this ritual, we will honour and bless all the women who have preceded us. We will bless and sing for our Mother Earth, the plants, herbs, roots and blossoms, we will honour ourselves, our own ancestral line of feminine energy and bless the strength that we carry as women in our wombs and our hearts. And finally we will bless our freshly made Agua de Florida and… celebrate!

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Preparing magic today… Strong healing Mother brew with Yama Voorhorst. Abundance. And so much more ingredients than herbs and flowers… Composing this beautiful healing fluid is an ancient feminine shamanic Tradition. 

LilithMagdalena Abeel

What a Joy... blessed bedding in our sacred circle. Sharing wisdom and flowers. Brewing agua florida with prayers, love and light with a deep bow to the big mystery. Love you all!! 

Yarana Chandar

Thank you so much Yama, for passing on this sacred ritual. Wow, it was such a beautiful and magical day… brewing and birthing our own Agua de Florida Medicine together in this warm and lovely circle of sisters. Thank you all beauties, for creating this space together. YES… Remembering who we really are… it felt so familiar… as if I’ve done this so many times before… And thank you Yama, for your honest insights who are filled with love… Yes… I have a choice to be(come) the woman I really am… Grateful I could help you!

Merit Anne

So much gratitude for all the women who have passed this medicine on for centuries, for all the women who are curious and willing to receive it in our time, for all the medicines that were given by the Earth to go into it and to all the light from our hearts that was shared in the collective womb we’ve created to birth this medicine together. Thank you thank you thank you, much love to all of you!

Simone de Kinderen
This weekend I got to bring my daughters to a shamanic women’s ritual of making Agua di Florida in traditional ways, with the beautiful Yama.

We prepared for it for the whole week. Finding the perfect bottles, buying alcohol, collecting flowers. My girls were excited. I did pack a laptop for them to watch a movie, just in case, but I never told them.

They were with me the whole ritual.

They meditated with me. They sang with me. They curled up under my lap. They held the talking stick and shared about their motivation to be here, and the intentions they wanted to put in their bottle.

Seeing them so committed, putting so much love and dedication and intention into their bottles was beyond magical.

These moments where I can weave my worlds together. Where my daughters are welcomed and invited in the big circle of women. Where I am invited to meditate with tobacco juice and let go for a moment ‘because we’re here with many’. The community, the village to raise a child that I miss sometimes.

They got to witness medicine meditations with rapé (the youngest two enjoyed handing out buckets, but covered their ears for spitting sounds). My eldest daughter sat like a tree when I had my tobacco meditation, without me asking for it she held brilliant space, half reading some pages from ‘The Neverending Story’, and half just being there.

When I played my drum they would all put their heads on my lap. They love singing along with mantras, and to feel the healing vibrations from the gorgeous drum (I’m so in love with it Suka Waka!)

These are moments where I wish I would show all the amazing pictures we took because this was such a special day. And I won’t. My daughters may do that themselves when they feel ready for it. So until then, no names, and only photos without their faces.

Wilrieke Sophia