Recommendations of Masters & Teachers 1

“In order for us to tap into our truth, we need to unveil the layers of misconception, social conditionings, fake values, past traumas and inner lies, which are polluting our direct access to our essence. This search for who we are, where we come from, where we go, is a quest which requests healing. The Medicine Plants are certainly one of the most powerful support in this healing and recovery of our authenticity.

Yama is certainly a beautiful guide, friend, sister and mother on this journey. Everyone who can receive her songs, her playful, loving and caring way to share Medicine Ceremonies, will be gifted with new inner tools to look, meet him/herself…”

Pema Gitama, founder of Wild Tantra

“I recommend Yama’s ceremonies to people wanting to work with the Sacred Plants in Europe. Yama works with the medicines in a very responsible, honest and pure way.

Yamita has been apprenticing with me for over two years in the jungle of Iquitos, Peru. She he has a particular way of working with the Plant Medicines, and her ways of connecting with the spirits keep impressing me. She has a beautiful energy, a wide open heart and healing hands.

– Heberto Hiran Garcia RamírezInstituto Peruano De Chamanismo y Medicina natural

Recommendations of Masters & Teachers 2
Recommendations of Masters & Teachers 3

“On my recent visit to the Netherlands, I had the wonderful experience of exchanging sessions with Yama.

Yama’s healing massage technique and intuitive attention to detail embodies the deep spirit of Holistic Pulsing, as we explored it together during my years of teaching in the Netherlands in the 90’s. I was truly heartened to feel how well this work is being carried on after so many years!

Roberta Skye, Holistic Pulsing Teacher and Wholistic Practitioner