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Rapé medicine helps us to align, open the third eye, center in ourselves, open the Ancestral Mind (la Memoria). Furthermore it cleanses the pinal gland, removes mucus and purifies our body from energies that are blocking us from living your highest potential.

The base of this medicine is very finely ground tobacco leaves (pure mapacho from the jungle), mixed with ashes or grinded medicinal plants. Depending on the added plants it can have many different effects. Rapé can ground us, bring focus, open us and alter our consciousness in a powerful way.

Another important ingredient of this medicine is the breath of the person administering the sacred snuff. According to indigenous traditions, rapé can both cure and cause disease and spiritual illnesses, as it all depends on the intent of the person and the application. There is a strong exchange of energy between the two parties, both for the receiver as well as for the person applying rape, so applying rapé is a big responsibility. As a receiver, always ask yourself if it feels good to receive the medicine and energy from the one blowing the rapé.

According to Heberto, one of my Shipibo Maestros that I apprenticed with for several years, there are three ways to take rapé, in an ascending dose:

  • Receiving a little opens the third eye and spiritual awareness
  • A little more works as a purgative
  • A high dose can bring you in a medicinal, visionary state

Do not take rapé all the time, as it can be addictive. In ceremonial work, one can receive several applications, according to necessity and purpose.

De medicinale werking van rapé

Rapé is een mengsel van gedroogde mapacho tabak en andere planten (gedroogd en fijngemalen wortel, schors, bladeren, zaden) of de as hiervan. De werking hangt af van de toegevoegde planten.

  • Rapé helpt om het hoofd te zuiveren
  • Rapé kan negatieve energie weghalen
  • Rapé ondersteunt bij het openen van het derde oog, wat zorgt voor een helder weten en een scherpere intuitie
  • Rapé kan helpen reinigen, ontgiften en te purgen (loslaten van oude/negatieve/overbodige energie)
  • Rapé kan lichte visioenen geven