Partner Sessions

** Yama does not give individual sessions at the moment **

Individual sessions for partners
In partner sessions we look into relating issues, intimacy problems, different desires and/or the longing to dive deeper into tantra exercises, couple meditations, sacred sexuality, sacred union rituals and other relationship expanding items.
It is recommended to undergo a series of at least three sessions. The first session for couples is normally three hours, the duration of further sessions in consultation. 

A healing path for partners 
couple guidance trajectory, consisting of six sessions: an intake all together (two hours), two individual sessions for both partners separately (two hours each), two joint sessions (three hours) and a final session in which we look back and ahead, and I can give tips for further development.  


€270,- for a 2-hour session with both partners, €400,- for three hours (€130,- per hour extra). 
€190,- for a 2-hours session with one of the partners (€90,- per hour extra)

(*) Please note that all prices are incl. VAT (BTW) for individuals and ex. VAT for entrepreneurs and companies

Yama’s ability to be present, her experience and the Sacred Space that she creates were the perfect conditions in which we could experience these new experiences with ourselves and each other.  

Ava Ine Braaksma