Male Wisdom Retreat

A deeply healing intensive for men

In this retreat, Yama brings a combination of Tantra for Men, Sacred Rituals, Shamanism, Meditations, Massage, Healings, Teachings and Sharings. All tools for you as a man to heal yourself, your relationship with other men, your brothers, companions, fathers, sons and lovers, and the collective masculine energy, to restore the balance among men and women.

Drop your knowledge and what you think you know, and dive into your true wisdom.– Yama

One of the main themes in the retreat will be Masculinity and your relation with Authentic Manhood. You get a chance to deeply look into how your background shaped your underlying beliefs, and how you currently represent manhood. You were shaped by the way your parents raised you as a boy, the role of your own father and how people around you treated you as a boy/man. Along the road of your experiences with the masculine energies, you gathered all sorts of thoughts, feelings and imprints that might diminish your male power. If you don’t consciously choose to work over new ways of Manhood, you will somehow keep re-using your inheritance. So we will look at (energetic) imprints of your fathers and grandfathers, further back in the family line and even former lives… horrific episodes in our history, personal traumas, collective patterns of separation, pain, fear, withdrawing, checking out or pushing and forcing yourself on others, or being too careful… Its confusing to be a man.

In this search it seems that women are ahead of men. This retreat calls upon you to take full responsibility of your life as a man. This is the time to stand up and stand for who you are, dropping your part of the drama, your victimised perceptions, letting go of collective male fears and the separation that we inflict on ourselves and each other – as men and women.

We will work with from the Heart, Hara and Prostate, important places to be centered and present as a man.

Many men are not fully present in their heart. They give and receive easily from the sex, but to be in a healthy connection with women it is important to connect your sex with your heart’s energy. (NB: for most women it is the other way round: they easily give from the heart but are closed to truly give and receive in the sex).

This is the centre of willpower, self-esteem and self-discipline. Often it is weakened by all forms of shame, judgement, being too goal oriented, worries about the future and the way you criticize yourself, instead of it being present, centered, reliable and standing for who you are.

When the prostate is blocked, the sexual energy that builds up in the sex organs cannot move up the spine and circle through the body, making it available for other purposes. For many men, it quickly becomes too much to handle and they need to ejaculate – after which your energy level drops drastically.

For whom
For men that are ready to stand up and take full responsibility for their lives by empowering themselves, each other and reclaiming the vibrant power of their Masculine Energy. For men who want to live with authenticity and who want to build on a new conscious Manhood. For men who want to heal and balance their relationship with women and the Female Energy.

By whom
A few years ago, Yama was guided to bring a retreat especially for men, to connect deeply to their Male Wisdom. At first she put this aside, thinking “Who am I as a Woman to do so…?!” But when this vision kept coming back, she realized that this is exactly what she, as a woman, had to do, sharing with men too what she usually shares with women in the Womb Wisdom Retreats – but then specified for men. Holding space for their male processes with her feminine energy. 

In 2017 Yama guided the first Male Wisdom Retreat. It was touching, opening, vulnerable, powerful and amazingly beautiful to work and share with only men. The most peculiar thing for Yama was to realize that most of the men have no idea what it means (for them) to be a man in this time. Whereas women are finding and reclaiming ways to openly live their feminine forces, many men seem to be lost… Men that are waking up, realize that something in the relationship between men and women has to change. But after all the male abuse of women in the past, and sad enough still today, conscious men seem to be collectively afraid to hurt women, so they back off and withdraw or become very careful, making themselves weak and unattractive to women – who deep down still long for that strong and wild male power! But how to truly live your male power, while relating with women who still feel victimized so easily? This is also one of the main themes that Yama discusses with women, to make them realize that a big part of this behavior of men is fueled by women, by the way they confuse and castrate men. Women as well have to look deep into their share.