Jungle Medicine Retreat

Sacred Medicine retreats in the jungle of Peru, working with indigenous maestros

Jungle Medicine Retreat in Peru 2022
Welcome to the Jungle Medicine Retreat, the Shamanic Healing Retreat (called dieta) that Yama is organising with maestro Don José Campos in the Peruvian jungle, from the 18th February till the 2nd of March 2022.

This retreat is for people who feel ready to dive deep with us; who want to truly wake up and raise their consciousness to a next level; who feel deeply committed to do their own work with the Sacred Medicines; doing the work in the midst of all the powerful medicine plants growing around us; and resonating with these guidelines of Maestro Don José:

1. Only 10% of what happens in the ceremonies is the work of the Medicine, 90% is your work. 
2. All the drama you create is completely pointless. Stop the drama! Be responsible.
3. Know how immensely powerful you are. Go stand in your own power and stop giving it away.

The ceremonies during this retreat will be guided by the Peruvian Maestro Don Jos Campos, who is well known for creating a deep magical space for your journeys, with his powerful voice and icaros.

DAY 1 – (18/02) – Arrival in Pucallpa (Peru) at Don José’s house (well located near the Pucallpa Airport and the downtown area)
DAY 2 (19/02) – Early morning departure for a 5 hours Road/Boat Trip to the Munay Camp in the Jungle
DAY 3 (20/02) – 1st Ceremony (night)
DAY 5 (22/02) – 2nd Ceremony (night)
DAY 7 (24/02) – 3rd Ceremony (night)
DAY 9 (26/02) – 4th Ceremony (night)
DAY 11 (28/02) – 5th Ceremony (day)
DAY 12 (01/03) – Early morning departure for the 5 hours Boat/Road Trip back to Don José’s house in Pucallpa,
DAY 13 (02/03) – Leaving day (going back home, staying a bit longer in Pucallpa, visiting the Sacred Valley).

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The Munay Camp is a beautiful but simple private Amazonian camp created for spiritual healing and inner exploration, as well as a conservation project deep in the Ucayali Region of the Peruvian Amazon, devoted to providing an authentic experience of personal inner healing and self-discovery. The Munay Camp consists of a central service area with a kitchen, a large Malocca (ceremonial space) where the ceremonies are held and several riverside tambos (private huts with a bed, a mosquito net, and a 5 gallon bottle of pure drinking water for your 10 day stay). The tambos are located approximately 25 meters from each other with little or no visual contact between them.

After arriving in the jungle, you will be pampered with a last meal together, before beginning your healing dieta. The rest of your meals (very simple food, free of fat, salt, sugar, or condiments) will be served at your tambo, twice daily. As soap, deodorants and tooth paste are not allowed during the dieta, Wayusa leaves will be provided each morning to be used in replacement. You can simply break some wayusa up in a glass of water and dip your tooth brush in it, and wash yourself in a bucket of water from the river, with wayusa leaves.

What is a dieta?
A dieta is a structure based on what the ancient curanderos did to heal their members out of disease. It is a tool helping you to reach and maintain an altered state of consciousness which permits the plant spirit heal, instruct, provide knowledge and enable the initiate to acquire power. It is viewed as a means of making the mind operate differently, providing access to wisdom and lucid dreams.

To understand plants as capable of communicating, the conditions by which we can best relate to them is… a big leap for many of us! However, in order to grasp the rationales of the dietas and the entire therapeutic process in which they are involved, it is important to cultivate a view of the Natural world as highly aware, intelligent, infinitely helpful (if approached with respect) and ultimately enchanted.

The simple explanation of the therapeutic value of a dieta is as follows:
1. It modifies states of higher consciousness.
2. It purifies our body, and stimulates our body’s innate ability to self-heal.
3. It allows us to more easily deal with the strong emetic, cathartic, and visionary effects commonly associated with the sacred plants.

The resulting changes need to be carefully protected, as rearrangements in body biochemistries and identity patterns leave us for a time sensitive and vulnerable. In this way dietas can be typified as preparation and recovery technologies that attend this sort of phyto-spiritual “surgery”. It is suggested to plan some integration time, after the dieta (Yama might organise a place to do this together, for the ones interested).

The pre-diet starts two weeks before arriving in the jungle and the post diet lasts another two weeks after (you will receive additional information on this in a special preparation document).

Optional post-dieta integration program 2-6 March
My experience is that the transition from the jungle back to the rush in Pucallpa is a big one, leave alone traveling directly back home. So I advise you to take at least a few more days after the dieta before traveling back (if possible), so as to acclimatize and integrate the impact of the ceremonies.
But as Pucallpa is a busy and noisy town, which can be pretty overwhelming after the dieta. Myself, I prefer to integrate in the jungle – but it is not so easy to get there by yourself. So, I am organizing something for you! From Wednesday the 2nd (the departure day of the dieta) till Sunday the 6th of March.

A good friend of mine, Moises Llerena, has recently bought a big piece of land, a couple of hours away from Pucallpa in the jungle, where he is building his Healing and Arts Center http://www.madreselvahealing.com
You are welcome to join me here for 5-days, 4-nights, including food and sleeping in tambo (hut). There will be an option for a painting workshop with Moises. I would highly recommend this, as apart from guiding ceremonies and dietas, Moises is a very good visionary artist. He can help us to paint our visions in a beautiful way. Myself I will organize some integration circles during these days, to embody all the healing and information downloads. And there will be a lot of free time to journal, explore the jungle, make music together, etc. Last but not least, we will also organize the transport from Pucallpa to Moises place and back. We will come back to Pucallpa on Sunday the 6th of March.

Much love, Yama

Send a message or mail to kolibrimedicine@protonmail.com if you have any other questions.