Individual Sessions

“Yama’s healing tantric touch deeply penetrates into your energy system.”

Individual healing sessions
Yama is a certified and very experienced masseur and healer. As a massage therapist, tantrika and shamanic healer, she guides women, man and couples  in the field of (self) love, healing sexuality, (spiritual) health and awakeningYama offers private sessions in which she combines her tantra energies, shamanic healing practices, icaros and mild plant medicines, while creating a safe place to be with all that needs to be felt. She is fully available as an ‘instrument’ for whatever may happen, allowing the different levels at which you function (physical, emotional, mental and spiritualto (re)connect with each other, healing old traumas (often stored at cellular level, blocking your lifestream) and connecting your  heart and sexuality, so your life energy can flow free. 

It is also possible to receive some of the initiations (like the Womb Healing Ritual) in private.

Your Sacred Path
The Sacred Path is personal development trajectory towards authenticity and awakening, that supports you to take your personal Next Big Step on your path of personal transformation. Read more about the Sacred Path

Individual body & mind sessions
As a former coach, Yama guides personal, spiritual and relationship processes of individuals and partners. If you want to discuss things,
in these body & mind sessions there is space for questions, reflections and practical guidance. Some coaching sessions can take place via Skype.

Individual tantra & sound session by Yama and Zelday 
Private sessions with the healing hands and voice of Yama and the medicinal soundscape of Zelday. Read more

Integration sessions
Sacred plants can be life changing, but the integration of your experiences and insights is essential to have a positive effect on the long term. Especially strong plants like Ayahuasca can shake your foundation and as such (temporarily) disrupt you. It is very important to embody all that is touched and opened. Sometimes it can be supportive to reflect on your situation with someone who understands. Yama guides individual integration sessions and group integration circles. Read more about individual integration sessions or read more about integration in general


Price for one person 
€190,- for two hours (€90,- per hour extra) 

Price for session with Yama and Zelday together
€ 350,- for two hours (€ 170,- per hour  extra)

(*) Please note that all prices are incl. VAT (BTW) for individuals and ex. VAT for entrepreneurs and companies.

NB: It is recommended to undergo a series of at least three sessions. The first session for couples is normally three hours, the duration of further sessions in consultation.

Thank God(dess), Spirit, Source, Madrecita, my Masters, my Higher Self, my Soul, Myself in whatever pure shape and/or form, for being (re-)directed by the continuing multi-layered request from the Universe to stay present and be in service of something much bigger than me. I know, I ‘simply’ have to get out of the way with my personal stuff and stories, to be truly available for whatever Divine Source wants to work through me… through my hands, my body, my voice with medicine songs.
– Deva Yama

I had the wonderful experience of receiving a session of Yama on my recent visit to the Netherlands. Yama’s technique and intuitive attention to detail embodies the deep spirit of HP, as we all explored it together during my years of teaching in The Netherlands. I was truly heartened to feel how well this is being carried on after so many years. 

Roberta Skye, New Zealand - Holistic Pulsing Teacher and Wholistic Practitioner

As we all know, true healing comes from inside and cannot be accomplished by using whatever outside technique or therapy. What really makes a difference though, is the therapist. Yama is gifted with the ability to be so very present, so very intuitive and so very, very lovingfull that the sacred space where you can surrender into the healing, is created without any effort, any strive, any struggle. It’s all about completely allowing and supporting what is, in the most tender way possible.   

Martina Hallin, Head of Everything at KARMA Business and former Manager at Ängsbacka

Sometimes you just know that something doesn’t just come your way by accident, it is a lightning bolt in your heart, your soul, that tells you that it is THE right moment, THE right decision, or THE right person for you. When I met Yama this happened to me. Yes, finally, there you are ... After a very long dark time, she introduced me to the plant medicines, I gently became familiar again with the Light and my own strength - and that was really scary for me. Because no matter how dark, it was very safe and familiar. But my soul longed, no HUNKED for my own Light. Yama created a Sacred Space, in which everything that was in me, was welcomed in all ugliness, beauty and power. I was allowed to look at it, thank it and let go. Life changing.

After a later retreat that I was able to experience with Yama, so much was activated and awakened in my being, how on earth could I integrate that into my daily life as a mother, in my relationship(s), in my work as Illustrator for the commercial retail companies that was my customer? The world that the plants had shown me and everything they had reminded me was, in my opinion, too much to take to my life at home. But the desire to merge this was very huge. After all, it is my soul's destiny, that was clear and once you have woken up and are awake you cannot go back, it was TOO important and my task here to bring it into the world. As a mother, as a beloved AND as an Illustrator. But how?!

Yama worked the magic with me. In an integration session we talked and did energy work together, in a very loving, gentle yet firm no bullshit way, with which we could tie the loose ends and give the still floating pieces a place. YES! A very big YES it is good to start spreading that Light! Which means that I can now continue to build my work, in all respects, with full confidence and lots of love. I am grateful to the depths of my soul that the Universe has brought Yama and the plants on my path. Gracias Mama Yamita.

Meggy Lemmens, Soul Prints