Individual Sessions

“Yama’s healing tantric touch deeply penetrates into your energy system.”

** Yama does not give individual sessions at the moment **

Individual healing sessions
As a certified massage therapist, a tantrika and shamanic healer, Yama guides women, man and couples  in the field of (self) love, healing sexuality, (spiritual) health and awakeningYama offers private sessions in which she combines her tantra energies, shamanic healing practices, icaros and mild plant medicines, while creating a safe place to be with all that needs to be felt. She is fully available as an ‘instrument’ for whatever may happen, allowing the different levels at which you function (physical, emotional, mental and spiritualto (re)connect with each other, healing old traumas (often stored at cellular level, blocking your lifestream) and connecting your  heart and sexuality, so your life energy can flow free. 

It is also possible to receive some of the initiations (like the Womb Healing Ritual) in private.

Your Sacred Path
The Sacred Path is personal development trajectory towards authenticity and awakening, that supports you to take your personal Next Big Step on your path of personal transformation. Read more about the Sacred Path

Individual body & mind sessions
As a former coach, Yama guides personal, spiritual and relationship processes of individuals and partners. If you want to discuss things,
in these body & mind sessions there is space for questions, reflections and practical guidance. Some coaching sessions can take place via Skype.

Integration sessions
Sacred plants can be life changing, but the integration of your experiences and insights is essential to have a positive effect on the long term. Especially strong plants like Ayahuasca can shake your foundation and as such (temporarily) disrupt you. It is very important to embody all that is touched and opened. Sometimes it can be supportive to reflect on your situation with someone who understands. Yama guides individual integration sessions and group integration circles. Read more about individual integration sessions or read more about integration in general


Price for one person 
€190,- for two hours (€90,- per hour extra) 

Price for couples
€270,- for two hours, €400,- for three hours (€130,- per hour extra).

(*) Please note that all prices are incl. VAT (BTW) for individuals and ex. VAT for entrepreneurs and companies.

NB: It is recommended to undergo a series of at least three sessions. The first session for couples is normally three hours, the duration of further sessions in consultation.

Thank God(dess), Spirit, Source, Madrecita, my Masters, my Higher Self, my Soul, Myself in whatever pure shape and/or form, for being (re-) directed by the continuing multi-layered request from the Universe to stay present and be in service of something much bigger than me. I know, I ‘simply’ have to get out of the way with my personal stuff and stories, to be truly available for whatever Divine Source wants to work through me… through my hands, my body, my voice with medicine songs.
– Deva Yama

I had the wonderful experience of receiving a session of Yama on my recent visit to the Netherlands. Yama’s technique and intuitive attention to detail embodies the deep spirit of HP, as we all explored it together during my years of teaching in The Netherlands. I was truly heartened to feel how well this is being carried on after so many years. 

Roberta Skye, New Zealand - Holistic Pulsing Teacher and Wholistic Practitioner

As we all know, true healing comes from inside and cannot be accomplished by using whatever outside technique or therapy. What really makes a difference though, is the therapist. Yama is gifted with the ability to be so very present, so very intuitive and so very, very lovingfull that the sacred space where you can surrender into the healing, is created without any effort, any strive, any struggle. It’s all about completely allowing and supporting what is, in the most tender way possible.   

Martina Hallin, Head of Everything at KARMA Business and former Manager at Ängsbacka

Sometimes you just know that something doesn’t just come your way by accident, it is a lightning bolt in your heart, your soul, that tells you that it is THE right moment, THE right decision, or THE right person for you. When I met Yama this happened to me. Yes, finally, there you are ... After a very long dark time, she introduced me to the plant medicines, I gently became familiar again with the Light and my own strength - and that was really scary for me. Because no matter how dark, it was very safe and familiar. But my soul longed, no HUNKED for my own Light. Yama created a Sacred Space, in which everything that was in me, was welcomed in all ugliness, beauty and power. I was allowed to look at it, thank it and let go. Life changing.

After a later retreat that I was able to experience with Yama, so much was activated and awakened in my being, how on earth could I integrate that into my daily life as a mother, in my relationship(s), in my work as Illustrator for the commercial retail companies that was my customer? The world that the plants had shown me and everything they had reminded me was, in my opinion, too much to take to my life at home. But the desire to merge this was very huge. After all, it is my soul's destiny, that was clear and once you have woken up and are awake you cannot go back, it was TOO important and my task here to bring it into the world. As a mother, as a beloved AND as an Illustrator. But how?!

Yama worked the magic with me. In an integration session we talked and did energy work together, in a very loving, gentle yet firm no bullshit way, with which we could tie the loose ends and give the still floating pieces a place. YES! A very big YES it is good to start spreading that Light! Which means that I can now continue to build my work, in all respects, with full confidence and lots of love. I am grateful to the depths of my soul that the Universe has brought Yama and the plants on my path. Gracias Mama Yamita.

Meggy Lemmens, Soul Prints

Je hebt echt een diepe indruk op mij achter gelaten. Ik voel diep respect en bewondering voor het pad dat jij gegaan bent en voor wie jij bent. Ik voel me helemaal gezien door jou, gevoel van thuiskomen in mezelf in contact met jou. Heel krachtig was ook de rapé en de sessie met jou.

Joyce van Dun

Yama is a profoundly wise woman, who really takes the time to see who you are, recognizing and honoring you as a human being in progression to itself. With a lot of respect, she helped me to heal what was hurting deep down in my body, a hurt that came from a tortured life caused by a man who raped me. I am a dancer, but I couldn't connect with my body anymore because I did not want to feel the pain inside. Yama helped me to reconnect with my body and consciously feel that pain. Her simple touch of some parts of my body brought me back to this pain and when I started feeling this, I was back in the rape like a tape memory... But Yama made me feel very safe and she asked me if I wanted to say something about it. First I described the situation where my mind brought me and then I started talking to the man who abused me, feeling angry and scared. She ask me to open my eyes and look at her. At first I couldn’t look at her, it was very difficult to get out of this vision. When I finally looked at her, she looked me in the eyes and told me that I was here and now with her, and that I was safe. This nightmare was not existing anymore, only in my memory. It was ok to let go of this emotion and to change it into something positive. It could even be my power! I was still shocked from what I was into right before, but she was right: when I connected here and now with her, I felt I was safe, and that this rape could get away from the cell memory of body. Step by step she supported me to let it go and then... I saw the light in myself! She helped me to reconnect my heart to my womb. I found peace again for the first time in a long ago. She hugged me, in a way that it made me feel that someone really saw me and cared for me. And even after the session she didn’t stop supporting, she checked upon me in the days after and made sure that I was ok after all she moved in me. She really cares with a lot of respect, love and devotion, which makes her a great healer. I can definitely recommend her.

Malou from Canada

Re-finding TRUST after being raped (a blog that I wrote based on the experience of the Canadian woman who wrote the review above):

This is an heartfelt Ode to the beautiful young woman that I gave an intense private session yesterday (read the poem on the end!) I am bowing down for her courage and willingness to reconnect with her body and listen to what it has to say... to dare and feel her yoni again after being raped last year... and to open her womb of wisdom, so this horrible experience can transform into embodied wisdom, a deep felt source from where she can share her gifts with the world.

I was with her, holding space... touching her body to make it relax and inviting it to open again... reconnecting her big open heart with her closed belly... womb... yoni... witnessing her process... embracing her emotions of fear... shock... deep sadness and disappointment... listening to her story of what happened... the rape, but even before that... and after... helping her to change it around, giving it another direction, so she can move on with her life. And even further! Moving from a place of victimhood to re-empowerment, right into the Feminine Force. Ending the session with loads of gratitude, liberation and laughter!

It was all about reconnecting with TRUST. Trust in herself... trust in others... trust in the wisdom of her physical temple... trust in the flow of life... trust in Trust itself.

To be able to fully trust - as in divine, unconditional Trust with a capital T - we have to first of all listen to the body. To her very subtle yet clear and obvious signals, telling us wether something (or someone, a situation, or a certain direction - even food, etcetera) is Yes or No.

In the basics, our bodily intuition is really as simple as that: it is telling you YES: go ahead, do it, take it, move further... or NO: don’t do it, withhold, step back, move away, STOP!

Our body either opens or it contracts, it relaxes or it tenses, it wants to move forward or it holds back or even wanting to move backwards... it’s telling us our direction by communicating Yes or No.

But the problem is that we often neglect this softly whispered information... we are too busy to notice the subtle signs of the body, or we simply don’t listen because the mind tells us something different, or - and this especially happens to women a lot, also in this specific case - we do actually feel it and even notice it, but we ignore it, because we are afraid to hurt someone else’s feelings. So we say “Yes” when we mean ‘No’, we say “No, thank you” when we feel ‘O Yes please...!’ and in this way we are creating confusion, within ourselves as well as in others.

Especially women towards men! We blame men for not understanding us, but we are not clear in what we want and don’t want in the first place, we carefully and subtly give hints by expressing something poetically around the subject instead of sharing our needs, communicating what we feel or what we don’t like. We are more trying to be nice than to be clear. As long as they like us...

And then, when we come to an absolute border, a Limit-Not-To-Be-Crossed, we don’t know how to act properly anymore... because the moment of communicating our Healthy Borders was waaay before!!
It was the moment when the subtle signs of discomfort started, that we paid no attention to... And the growing signals were not taken seriously... and the even fiercer indications were still being neglected...!

And then, when we come to this crucial point of feeling an absolute limit that is not to be crossed, especially in a situation with another person, the experience of not listening to ourselves is amplified by the another one not respecting us and our borders.

Sometimes we don’t even know how to communicate at all anymore, we are speechless... motionless... praying for it to be over... checking out... dissociating... All we remember afterwards is The Other violating our borders and feeling a Victim of their rude behaviour...

And yes, it is rude. Very rude! Especially in the case of physical and sexual abuse - among many other things. Not a word from me to say it is any different.

And yet... I want to approach it from another angle, look at it from a perspective of healing - when you are ready for it.

Because the feeling a being victim (be it of abuse by another person, suffering from a severe illness or whatever situation) is not going to help us to heal.

According to me, healing starts by taking back the control of our life - at least that is my personal experience after a lot of borders being crossed. repetitive sexual abuse and being treated for a bipolar disorder for 25 years and healing it all! It started by being the captain on my own ship. I couldn’t control the weather, but I can direct my own ship to survive the storms and arrive safely in the harbour. Of... a place where I really want to be, enjoying life to the max!

Feeling a ‘victim’ is placing the cause of our suffering outside of us. And all we can heal is that which is inside. Our part.

As long as we don’t take the full responsibility for the consequences of whatever happened, that we are suffering from (I am not saying responsibility for what happened, I am speaking about the consequences: that what you did with it afterwards and how you let it direct your life), as long as we keep blaming the illness (that might have developed after neglecting the body language and suppressing the signs and her growing symptoms for too long...) or we keep accusing the other(s) that crossed our borders and caused our pain, we will continue to suffer...

... because no matter how deeply we wish that things wouldn’t have happened, we cannot ’undo’ the past.

But we CAN set ourselves free from the pain that we have been carrying within us, free ourselves from all resentment, anger, fear, hatred, etc.

It starts by really doing our work, burning the pain and fear by feeding our inner flame, instead of shrinking our living space by letting pain and fear create the conditions and limitations in our life where we feel ‘safe’...

No! Not anymore!

Come to accept whatever happened, because... what’s the point of arguing with life as it is? Stop resisting the way things are. Let’s learn life’s lessons and transform them into pure wisdom. What happened will be a memory without the heavy load, and it will actually show to be a source of vast wisdom...!

Expand, reclaim your space, open, vibrate healthiness, take responsibility. Take your place and don’t infect yourself and others anymore with your pain. And don’t let yourself be infected anymore by the projections of others. Stay in your light, because this is your only true protection. As my tantra master told me again and again: “Shine more!”

I started this post by stating that ‘To be able to fully trust - as in divine Trust with a capital T - we have to first of all listen to the body’. Because if we trust without taking our body signals and intuition into account, we are only being stupid!

I have been very stupid myself for a very long time...! I trusted all and everyone! People were telling me not to be so naive and it would upset me that they thought so badly about humankind, living their lives from fear... I didn’t feel that. I was full of Trust.
But I had to learn the hard way, to find Trust in Common Sense (or not so common, actually!) I had to learn to listen, honour and honestly act upon my body signals and trust my deep intuition before anything else.

My naive, adventurous and limitless young trust brought me the most magic experiences - because without acknowledging the risks, I accepted the weirdest invitations (especially when traveling the world on a young age), which gifted me with the most memorable adventures - but also brought me in dangerous and very traumatic situations...

Yes, I had to learn the hard way that this world isn’t a place where anything and everyone is to be trusted...

I lost my trust...
I lost my intuition...
I even lost myself...

It took me a long time to start trusting life again. As in... Unconditionally Trusting that ‘whatever comes on my path serves to evolve my life to a higher level of consciousness’ (although it might definitely not feel that way in the moment, it can only be experienced while reflecting on it afterwards...!)

In a moment of true Awakening (that I share about in my book ‘From disorder to gift’) and while growing in consciousness afterwards, I learned that to be able to Unconditionally Trust the universe and the flow of life, I have to make sound and clever decisions that resonate with my deepest being, no matter what whomever says or thinks about it! And I have to protect myself from draining via the many energy leakages of modern life. A good management of borders and energy is key! I finally got it. And this is what I transmit to others nowadays.

Back to the session of yesterday. This morning I received a message from her, telling me:

“It is a long time that I haven’t feeling good as this... the first thing I wrote this morning was: I think I am healed and I am ready for the change...

I feel deeply touched by this wonder of life, and my Trust in healing - because I sincerely believe that if I could heal myself, YOU can too!!


Beyond your doubt there is your truth

Beyond your fear there is a river of love, that knows how to flow

Beyond your judgment there are tender hands simply longing to hold you

Beyond your shame there is freedom dancing deliriously in a meadow of creativity

Beyond your pain there is a knowing that it was never about you

Beyond your jealousy is an inclusivity that embraces and celebrates all

Beyond your compromise is a sovereignty ready to simply stand

Beyond your lostness is the clarity of ages lived and a wisdom as old as time

Beyond your darkness is a soul that only knows how to shine
and a heart that will never be satisfied with half measures

Beyond your holding back is a roaring laugh no longer able to take such limitations seriously

You are here to remember who you are

You are here because you are so much more

You are here because the past no longer has claim over your present and your path is a path of liberation into love

You are here to bow to the mystery of all that you are and all that we are and of all that is ready to reborn into wholeness.

You are here.

(these last words are based on a text by Clare Dubois)

In love and gratitude, Deva Yama

Yama, DevaYama