Deva Yama

Tantrica  Womb Wisdom Keeper  Shamanic Plant Medicine Singer

Deva Yama
Yama Voorhorst guides personal, spiritual and collective development processes of individuals, partners and groups in the field of Awakening and Transformation.

Yama’s teachings and transmissions are based on her fully embodied experience of healing herself in different sacred traditions, lineage teachings and initiations, the most profound ones being the Kaula Heart of All, her Tantric Family, the ancient healing ways of the indigenous Paqo’s (shamans) in the Andean mountains, the Plant Medicine Maestros in the jungle of the Peruvian and Brazilian Amazon, and the Sacred Medicine traditions in Mexico.

By overcoming several ‘uncurable’ diseases, Yama deeply reconnected with Nature and All of Creation, finding herself – despite herself – on an ancient Shamanic path, having access to universal spiritual wisdom and being able to transmit these transcendental energies into this world. Yama would best be described as a Shamanic Tantrica, who brings hidden (but not secret) ancient healing tools that (re)activate the deep, yet often forgotten, power within you. Tools to clear the past, release toxic emotions, open your energetic pathways, activate your sacred sensual self and harness your potential.

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Although Yama is deeply touched and impacted by several ancient traditions, her style is unmistakably her own. The seeds of these traditions were planted and nurtured in the soil of her own understanding, experiences and cultural context, allowing new forms to emerge that are appropriate for those that she is serving. Yama generously shares her practical and spiritual knowledge, and teaches you to listen to the ancient, creative messages hidden deep within your soul.

Tantra, Sacred Plants, Healing Sounds and Singing are my medicines.
I believe that we all have our unique medicines to share with the world. One of my main aims is to help YOU find your own gifts, often buried deep inside, within your most painful wounds. Do you dare to look there…? Because you can undergo a transformation as a result of your wounds and suffering.It is the wound itself that helps you go on an inner journey, that becomes the transformation itself.
– Deva Yama

Dear Yama, thank you for fully being you and that way being an example of all the infinite possibilities we all have in ourselves, to make different choices and change for the better. For your love and clarity. For your courage and humor. And all other qualities you use in your sessions and ceremonies and retreats. Highly recommended to people (men and women) who love to know more of themselves and the healing field and for that are willing to step out of their comfort zone and dive in with open arms. 

Emma Coppieters

Yama’s life has been a great challenge, which helped her to step into an ancient knowledge that is part of her being. And from that experience she has grown into a truly precious Teacher, Healer, Guide and Musician of many beautiful healing circles.

Amonisia Hennekam

Thank you, Yama, for all you bring and share. My heart is deeply touched and feels so grateful for having met you. 

Caroline De Bruyn
The answers lie deep inside…
in the natural mystic from which
we came.
You are a blessing, Yama!
Camilla Berndtson, from Sweden

I show my gratitude for crossing the path of Deva Yama in Mexico, to touch her light and be absorbed by her heart. What a privilege to receive your wisdom, to have your presence in peace. Pure love! You have a divine gift and are aware of that. This is pure power used in the benefit of other creatures. My experience with you is a continuous movement, it’s transformation in action and I have an intuition inside myself that soon or later we will get the chance to renew in physical presence the work we’ve done together recently. I wish your song of love will reach many more ears and open infinite hearts!

Pedro Resende, Brasil

I see Yama as a deeply devoted Medicine Woman. She has a true spirited heart and is present for every single one who needs her in the transformational process. She is deeply connected to what she teaches, she breathes it in and out. She herself shares freely, what makes you feel grounded and safe to do the same. Last weekend I had my first one day retreat with Yama and her beautiful team of people. The beautiful music guides the whole ceremony and comes straight from her Heart and Spirit. And last but not least, around her is a beautiful team of people who serve the ceremony in such a way that it creates one of the best heartfelt experiences of your whole life! Thank you!

Karin Crystal van Rijnsbergen

Yama is an amazing sister who understand sisterhood so well. She knows how to encourage, to uplift and to love. Because she radiates love, she has so much to give and she inspires you to live your life to the fullest. Deep bow for her journey and share her knowledge with us! Thank you so much Yama, for being you. 

Marja Wijnhoff

The first time I met Yama was during a Womb Wisdom Ceremony. I immediately felt safe and held to go deep (and looking around me I wasn’t the only one). She knows how to open up a deep and profound healing space, where I feel she is a Medicine Woman on many levels and I am not only speaking to the plant medicines she works with… She carries the unconditional love and compassion of a Mother, the curiosity and playfulness of a Child, the magic of a Witch, the wisdom of an Elder, the equanimity of a Sister and carries the heart of a Rebel, bringing authenticity to all that she offers, with deep respect to our beautiful Mother Earth and to the old wisdom traditions. Thank you Yama for being you and all that you share.

Simone de Kinderen

I bow for you Yama, for your sacred work, your guidance and your commitment to your path. Among our group of Sacred Sisters I am learning to open up my silence, stepping into a new portal of universal codes. Energy I had never seen before showed me her wisdom; coulours of light, immense light and geometry. Sound and light invited me to connect on a deeper level. Opening my body for this huge information is like entering a new chapter in life. And I knew…I knew. This beautiful medicine of sacred sisterhood and our medicines guide me right through the wisdom of these codes and my body taught me how to expand even more to receive. I was able to look into my disconnection, the language of my body and my silence… again… diving a little deeper… step by step… surrendering to the pain, the longing to disappear and opening up, again and again and again… and again. No way back anymore…. I tapped in a field of unconditional love and I felt my commitment to life more than ever. This is who I am. And I will remember… always… So I open my heart and listen…  to my sound of silence.
I feel blessed to be part of this sacred sisterwork. And I bow… for you, for all my sisters, for all mothers and grandmothers, wisdom keepers and medicine women who did the work and still do.

Judith Penninx