Words… we shape our reality with every word we speak. 

So be aware of the words you use, be conscious in your proclamations! 

One of the biggest steps in healing myself was stopping to tell the story of my severe illness, explaining over and over again why I wasn’t able to do what I truly wanted and repeating the reason why things wouldn’t work, no matter how I tried (and God knows I did try!!). I was always proving myself right. 

Because… no matter whether you believe that you can do something or not, you are right! 

Nowadays I’m telling the story of a happy and healthy woman, creating a world full of magic by living her truth. And my life is full of magic. 

Our language is such an important tool in creating our reality. 

We can create magic with our speech, ignite and inspire other people’s hearts if we let our talk be infused with honest passion! 

The power of speaking positivity is no news, whole spiritual tribes are flowering with beautiful words and loving messages. But… it goes much further than that: 

It is utmost important to show up to our own talk! If we speak about something, it is because we have awareness of it… so we need to fully embody that stuff! 

Are we truly walking our talk? 

What are our beautiful words without being supported by our inspired actions? Are we taking real responsibility or just talking about it? 

Let’s take time to reflect and ask ourselves: 

Are our inspirational speeches deeply supported by inspired action? Are we showing up to protect this Earth as much as we shave opinions and conversations about it? Are we trusting when our message is one of trust? 

Gorgeous words are turning into mere fluff when they aren’t supported by real grounded actions… 

Only by aligning our actions to our words we can become the change we wish to see in the world!