It was so good to see many of you and to journey, celebrate and sing together again after a couple of months away in the jungle of Peru! A beautiful big group of participants that joined us yesterday, a blend of people that travel with us a lot, people that we know from other settings and ‘new’ people that came together with others or found us by word of mouth or through facebook. We shared a little of our experiences from the Amazon, did powerful breathing and connecting meditations, worked a lot with shamanic sound healing and brought some new songs. It was a strong ceremony that we enjoyed a lot ourselves and was difficult to end… it could have lasted all night! But… sometimes other realities call and people need to go back home to their children and babysitters or other duties that are calling them. We ended the ceremony with a big healthy homemade buffet (it’s so great to see that people make so much effort to create beautiful and tasty contributions for the potluck!). #Happy!!

About brain filters and infinite wisdom 2

We explained yesterday how the brain filters our full experience of the world most of the time, to help us survive in our day-to-day world. This is actually very practical indeed, since our Blissstate of being One-With-All-There-Is is not very useful when trying to safely cross a street. (You better avoid that truck instead of feeling One with it and let it run over you…!)
During our ceremonies however, it is perfectly safe to dive deep inside, let go of your countless defense mechanisms and merge with… All There Is. But for some people it is still a little difficult to truly relax and let go of the mind. So we support this process a little further with other plant medicines (for instance the beautiful organic medicinal oil that we made ourselves and the four different kinds of new rapé that we brought from the jungle!) that help to relax even deeper or give a gentle push into letting go of tensions, so people can expand in Consciousness. It is rewarding to hear that people experience our ceremonies as very Safe, Loving, Healing and Professional. Thanks for appreciating! We share what we can to support you deeper into your Open Space and High Consciousness. As much as we can do, on a Saturday afternoon and evening…

For the ones wanting to dive deeper…. we also work with much stronger plant medicines that make it possible for us to radically see through old illusions and unstick ourselves from our attachments to them, so that new and more creative and healing ideas may emerge. For this we organise Plant Medicine Retreats with more than one ceremony to allow yourself to truly go deep.
In this process of more days, the Plant Medicines can safely open the gateways of the mind, overcoming the limitations of the brain and our survival needs to give us full access to the Infinite Wisdom that we constantly download, but ignore. But in this state of expanded consciousness, everything is available, everything is known, everything can be healed. The plants not only show us that we are a fragment of God, the Source, the whole of Existence or whatever name you want to give it, they also show us the million forgotten moments of glory in our lives, so we can reinvent ourselves by creating a new, more supportive story to live by. Do you feel the call to journey with us? You are invited for a Retreat. Check my agenda to find out when the next retreat will take place.

For questions or attending ceremonies, please send an email to and Yari, Zelday or Yama will answer your questions. Thank you for reading us and feeling connected.

Bowing down in gratitude and love,
Yama and Zelday


About brain filters and infinite wisdom 3