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Casa Medicina
Casa Medicina offers ceremonies 
and retreats with Nature, Sound Healing and Music Medicine

Yama & Zelday
While working with the Sacred Medicines in the jungle of Peru, connecting deeply with the Medicine Plant Spirits in this realm of high consciousness and full potential, Yama and Zelday were initiated as a gifted Medicine Couple. They got the profound task to translate this priceless knowledge into sounds and touch in their work at home, guiding others on the path of Awakening. It is from this highly Sacred Space that they bring their Shamanic Tantra, Sound Healing and Consciousness Medicine Ceremonies with Casa MedicinaWhile plugging in this vast Medicine Space during sessions and ceremonies, Yama and Zelday become mere tools of the Divine. It is not anymore Yama and Zelday doing what they are so skilled at, all they ‘do’ is being fully available and co-operating with the processes that want to happen ‘through them’. From the moment they tune in, their energies, sounds, vibrations, breaths, songs and touches start merging and working together, creating a Sacred Space where miracles can happen. 

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Deva Yama
Yama has the gift to reawaken and empower you, to free your energies and become aware of your intuitive inner voice, connecting with the pure and unique you, unlocking your potent inner source for spiritual growth and transformation. She came a long way to reveal her medicines, that she now uses to serve others. She was very ill and lost for many years, only to realize afterwards that without those deep lessons in darkness, she wouldn’t have discovered her medicinal gifts and she couldn’t be doing what she is doing now. Actually, it was a long initiation into her healing powers: going through great suffering, transform it, and as a result, become a source of wisdom and inspiration for others. By overcoming several ‘uncurable’ diseases, she deeply (re)connected with Nature and All of Creation, finding herself – despite herself – on an ancient Shamanic path, having access to universal spiritual wisdom and being able to transmit these transcendental energies into this world. Over the years Yama apprenticed with several shamanic plant medicine Maestros in the jungle of Peru and underwent many rituals and cleansing treatments, so as to become an available channel for the Cosmic Plant Medicine Consciousness and the manifestation of Awakening Processes.  

Zelday Karssen
While today’s time rumbles forward as an express train, Zelday embarked on a journey back in time with an instrument that has its origin in the Aboriginal clans of Northern Australia. This versatile instrument deeply enriches his life in a spiritual as well as in a physically way. Traveling for a long time in its country of origin to taste the sand of the land, Zelday gained valuable knowledge to produce his own homemade didgeridoos and through the years he created a big collection of didges made from different kind of woods, in addition to original eucalyptus species. In the 17 years that Zelday mainly played the didgeridoo, he gained many influences and teachings, so his music styles vary widely from percussive, dance and funky grooves to deeply meditative and transcendental. He also produces self-made didgeridoo’s, the Karssen-didgeridoo Collection that he sells worldwide. After thorough personal transformation work, i.a. with sacred plant medicine from the Amazon, the movement towards Sound Healing sessions and ceremonies (re)occured, besides his musical projects. This healing work is about a deep remembrance of our actual human existence, a universal consciousness, our collective and individual inspiration from which everyone and everything is built. With sound as his tool, Zelday is able to share from this space of awareness, translating the high states of pure consciousness that he finds there into vibrations, using the Sun Gong, singing bowls, chimes, rattles, his guitar and many more instruments in addition to his didges. 

We welcome you from a deep space of Consciousness and Love,
Yama & Zelday  


The way Yama and Zelday play the music and hold the energy during ceremonies is so sublime, I am in awe. I can really feel how deeply they are initiated by the Maestro’s. 

Krista Steenbergen

I highly recommended Yama and Zelday’s gatherings. We are always treated with high quality medicina and guided in a pure & loving way. Moments that I cherish. 

Lale Freie

It was a very special experience to meet this wonderful and very wise spirits. The songs, sounds and guidance of Yama and Zelday are so powerful. Words fail to describe it. I bow deeply and with immense gratitude to their love and light.

Monique Konings

Sacred space  
Filled with care and trust 
Sweet harmony  
Firm and clear! 
Wrapped in this bedding for deep, deep healing. 
Carried, seen and empowered beyond words… 
Dear Yamita and Zelday, you Rock! in this sacred way… 
Thank You. Thank You. Thank You!  

Yarana Chandar

It was so wonderful to experience a beautiful Tantra Ritual, guided with live sounds, together with my partner at the Open Up Festival.

Ingrid van Bergen

I have done a lot of ceremonies with different facilitators and maestros, but never have Iexperienced such an tremendous healing as I did with Yama and Zelday.The love, thepassion, the commitment, the spirit, the power they put into their work is somethingthat is hard to find nowadays. They truly are the embodiment of the spirits of the plants.

Vincent van der Mark

Yama and Zelday are true Masters in creating deep healing sacred space and otherworldly magical sound space. The level of depth, presence, beauty and healing they create with icaros and various musical instruments is beyond words. I feel reunited with my path, my power, my breath and my being. I bow to you with deep gratitude, with love & joy in my heart 

Katrin Dürkoop