We invite our Brothers for a ceremony, to dive deeply into Brotherhood.

Together with my sisters, I have been experimenting a lot with Sisterhood, finding out how to support each other on the deepest levels of our being. Holding each other’s back, mirroring and confronting each other, speaking our truths, taking care and celebrating together. I see a lot that our awakening brothers, men that are opening for a bigger perspective of consciousness, often miss their Brothers. True Brothers. Brotherhood to the bone.

Men need Brothers, as women need Sisters.

As men and women, we both have to do our own work among ourselves, sisters with sisters and brothers with brothers, in our own ways, so as to be able to get grounded and confirmed in our natural and genuine feminine and masculine forces. And then we can join together in the Sacred Union in an empowered way. Melting, merging… into One.

So we find ourselves as women, humbly facilitating this ceremony for men, longing to be an inspiration and create an invitation for our Brothers to start doing the work with men among each other, inspiring each other.

The how and why of this ceremony for men, guided by me as a woman
In the winter of 2019, I had very strong visions in which I was clearly told why I came all the way to México and what I am to do. I was shown whom to work with. What the work is about. How I ‘simply’ have to surrender and be available to work under Divine Guidance to be able to catalyze these processes. First of all, I received a clear energetic imprint of how to work with my awakening sisters, to support them remembering who they truly are, take their place and fully live it. Then I was shown how I was to include men in this too: inviting them to also take their true places, so we can restore and recover the Sacred Union together.

Sacred Union
That union that deeply vibrates in everything and everyone of us.
We naturally ARE that, we simply have to uncover and live our true essence. 

In a way, this is what I have been doing for many years in the field of Tantra and Sacred Medicines, alone and in collaboration with my partners. But the work gets more and more specified and crystallized, as I learn to deeply trust the Medicines and trust myself, trust the process, trust our Togetherness and trust the Universe in that it makes no mistakes (there are only lessons and I learn to give thanks to all of them).

Working with Men
Years ago, when I was guiding the Male Wisdom Retreat for only men (also based on recurring visions), I was surprised and touched how similar the work was to the processes with only women. The biggest difference was that most women have an idea of where they need to go, but they don’t always know how to do it. Whereas many men had no idea where they need to go… what is being asked from them in this time… and how to empower themselves and each other in a supportive way.

We are coming out of a time in which both men and the masculine energy have dominated the planet, at the expense of the feminine, our hearts and deep connections. This overly masculine approach to life has led to a production-oriented, goal-focused society, with many problems in our ecosystems and cultures worldwide. We need the feminine to flourish and thrive as well, so as to find a balance in the Sacred Union. This starts with honoring the masculine ánd feminine energies within ourselves. Both energies reside in all of us, in men and women. The practical masculine tends to see things as separate parts, it focusses on the path ahead and on those parts that lead to our goals. Whereas the receptive feminine perceives and considers all and everything, longing to bring it all together, focussing on the way we are doing what we are doing. We need both.

Many men nowadays struggle with the inability of their fathers and forefathers to really be present and show up, realizing that they want and need to do it different, but not knowing how… The old, dominating ways of men don’t work anymore, but the soft and gentle ways of women are not their ways… then what?? It is high time to find out!

I didn’t expect my visions of México to unfold so quickly, but while following the sacred guidance that I receive, making myself available for this mission and working with my sisters, men were drawn to my work as well. So, I already started doing the work with men too. It is very beautiful and humbling to be in service of our brothers, witnessing how they hold each other while diving into their own processes, within a bigger energetic circle of feminine energy.

So if this resonates with you, please send an email to inform about possibilities.

Much love,
Deva Yama ♡