What is Sacred Cacao

Sacred Cacao opens a beautiful and loving healing space of heightened awareness, conscious expansion and infinite love.

Cacao is known to be a powerful and delicious (super)food, which has many therapeutic properties. This is why so many people self-medicate with chocolate. Cacao affects the endocannabinoid system, by deactivating the enzyme called FAAH, which typically breaks down the endocannabinoid known as anandamide. Since anandamide is identified to be the body’s natural version of THC, eating natural chocolate increases the amounts of anandamide in the brain, because the FAAH enzyme is less active. The result, a general feeling of being relaxed and happy, is a bit similar to what many people experience when smoking Santa Maria (cannabis, marijuana), although the result is not as strong as with THC.

Sacred Cacao is a ceremonial grade cacao, which has a natural strong dose of these substances, since it is not being modified for consumption (read about Medicinal Cacao).

Medicinal Cacao

There is cacao for consumption (chocolate!), most of this cacao is produced as cheap as possible. In other cases the taste of the cacao is the most important factor (because just like coffee, cacao comes in many tastes and qualities). There is also beautiful raw cacao, for healthy food and as an energy supplement. And then there is wild and medicinal cacao, which can be used as medicine for a heart-opening shift inyour creativity, meditation, emotional release, journeying, deeper partner connection, processing, healing, etc.

Medicinal cacao alters the neurochemicals in the brain and produces a general feeling of well being and heart-opening.

The ceremonial grade Medicinal Cacao with the highest healing vibration comes from Central America. In our ceremonies we only use the strong, potent, little cacao beans of the rare criollocacao from Guatemala. This cacao doesn’t come from cacao plantations but grows either wild in the jungle or together with other plants in a balanced permaculture, to reach the optimum natural conditions for all plants. It is carefully selected and difficult to get.

Cacao Ceremonies

The highly potent Sacred Cacao is a multidimensional partner and facilitator for spiritual and/or ceremonial purposes, creating powerful transformational journeys.

We use it in ceremonies as a facilitator for inner change, play, creativity and productivity with a heart-centered focus. We allow the heart-opening, sacred medicine of cacao to help us elevating our state of consciousness, bringing our polarities into balance and reconnecting into the infinite state of Oneness.

After drinking the special ceremonial grade Cacao, Yama creates a deep relaxing Sacred Space with sounds, vibrations, voice and ‘icaros’ (plant medicine music), all performed live. During the ceremony, she might offer a ‘limpia’ (shamanic healing) or share tantric meditations, and towards the end, there will be singing with guitar and the opportunity for participants to join in the music.

This requires your cooperation. It symbolically ‘brings you to the door’ but doesn’t push you through it, like some strong plant medicines can do. You have to open it yourself, and enter the space it opens for you yourself by allowing it to work in and with you.

It is up to you how deep you dive…


Preparing for a ceremony
Fasting before a ceremonial dose is not necessary. It is recommended to only eat light meals on the day of the ceremony, as to have your full energy available for the ceremony (oat porridge, smoothie, fruits, salad, steamed or grilled vegetables, soup) and don’t drink any alcohol and/or coffee.

After the ceremony
As we drink the cacao in a high dose and it is pretty dehydrating, it is important to drink water or tea in the second half and after the ceremony.